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Great Water Tech Offers Solution to National Lead Contamination Crisis

Parul Dubey on January 24, 2017 - in News, Products, Water

St. Paul, MN (1/24/17) – America’s failing water infrastructure has reached a tipping point with over 5,000 water systems across the country currently in violation of federal EPA lead contamination regulations. Great Water Tech, a Twin Cities-based water technology start-up, has commercialized a solution to widespread lead contamination with their German-engineered Folmar™ Pipe Protection product.

Folmar™ Pipe Protection is a proprietary silicate-based formulation that creates a very thin glass layer on the interior of the pipe wall, which separates the metal and water. With Folmar™ Pipe Protection corrosion and scale formation are not possible, preventing lead, copper and other metals from leaching into the drinking water carried by corroded pipes. Folmar™ Pipe Protection is minimally invasive and can be injected at any point of a water system, including at a point-of-entry into a specific building.


“There is lead in America’s drinking water and it is a clear danger to public health,” said Patrick Rosenstiel, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Great Water Tech. “This issue is on track to escalate as our decaying infrastructure continues to age without swift and decisive action from regulators.”


Folmar™ Pipe Protection allows entities from municipalities to school districts and individual businesses to protect their water supply against lead contamination. While many water systems are retrofitted with cement interior liners to prevent corrosion and lead contamination, this contamination also occurs at a very localized level in older buildings and neighborhoods with dated pipes.


“I’ve spent my entire life helping governments identify problems and find solutions,” said Rosenstiel. “America’s water infrastructure crisis is not “unfixable”, but it’s imperative that we use the correct tools, at an affordable cost, to protect aging schools, hospitals and neighborhoods that rely on clean drinking water.”


Great Water Tech is offering a sample of their solution with a “test kit” for any water managers that are interested in seeing the effect of Folmar™ Pipe Protection in real life. Please contact Patrick Rosenstiel at [email protected] or by phone at 612-670-9465 if you are interested in receiving a kit or a free phone consultation.


About Great Water Tech

Great Water Tech is a water treatment technology company, with full rights to the use of Mösslein Wassertechnik’s products in the United States. Mösslein Wassertechnik’s Folmar™ Pipe Protection technology is now used in 20% of Germany’s water infrastructure, protecting their water consumers from contaminates in their drinking water.

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