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Burns & McDonnell Continues Strong Growth in Chicago with Promotion of New Energy Leader

Parul Dubey on August 25, 2016 - in News, People

CHICAGO, Illinois  — Patricia Scroggin has been promoted to lead an expanded power group for Burns & McDonnell out of its Chicago office. With a deep understanding of the issues affecting the rapidly evolving power industry, Scroggin will focus on bringing creative, innovative solutions to utilities and other power providers across North America. Before her promotion, she led power projects throughout the country from the Burns & McDonnell world headquarters in Kansas City. Scroggin will now focus on expanding the range of engineering, construction and consulting services with a growing team in Chicago.


“Patricia is helping some of the nation’s largest power companies chart a new course in energy,” says Scott Newland, vice president and general manager of Burns & McDonnell, Chicago. “Many of those companies are in our backyard. To provide even more ‘boots on the ground,’ Patricia will be growing our workforce in the Chicago region with top talent in the industry by as much as 25 percent each year.”

Scroggin specializes in projects involving water treatment processes and air pollution control process design and installation. She works closely with major utility and power companies across the nation to develop systems aimed at efficiency and sustainability. Scroggin’s leadership to help develop an innovative design at the Merrimack Station with Public Service of New Hampshire treats flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater to produce distillate that is returned to the FGD process, a small purge stream of quality suitable for sending to a landfill with fly ash and a dry salt waste product with potential for beneficial reuse.

“Patricia looks at projects differently than others,” says Rick Halil, senior vice president of Energy, Burns & McDonnell. “She understands that energy touches each of us every day and propels our nation forward. That is why she is always looking for ways to make energy cleaner, faster and more efficient than ever before.”

Scroggin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla and is a professional engineer in Missouri, Illinois and New Hampshire. Scroggin serves on the executive committee for the International Water Conference.

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