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Infrastructure Outlook: Smart Cities–Guided by People, Powered by Information

November 21, 2015 - in Column, Smart Cities

A key characteristic of a smart city is the ability to make effective connections among its citizens, assets and services. The smart city does this by using technology to support and improve the interaction among people and government. In doing so, a city…

Smart Cities: Revolution in Every Area of Life

November 10, 2015 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Smart Cities

By Enzo Peduzzi, Director of Industry Affairs, Siemens Building Technologies, and President of Euralarm The current process of urbanization is reflected…

OGC Sensor Web Standards and the “Smart City”

January 16, 2013 - in Column, Sensors, Smart Cities

Sensors are everywhere. There are now thousands of sensors for every human on Earth. And there will be even more thousands in the future. At this year’s…