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Austria – REAL CORP 2014

Matt Ball on November 3, 2013 - in

“Smart Cities” has become a widely used term for the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the processes of cities and the built environment, aiming to improve the integration of the physical assets as well as social and environmental capital.

Fired by several rankings there seems to be a competition for the title of the “Smartest City”.

This kind of hype raises a lot of questions that REAL CORP 2014 will deal with.

·         What does “Smart City” mean in terms of quality of life?
·         How does it influence the economic perspectives?
·         Are the concepts of sustainability and resilience part of “Smart Cities”?
·         What about politics and administration, policies and governance?
·         How do “Smart Solutions” influence the “hardware” of a city, the urban fabric?
·         Last but not least: what is the role of Urban/Spatial Planning in and for “Smart Cities”?

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