/ AASHTO Virtual TRAC Bridge Showcase 2020

AASHTO Virtual TRAC Bridge Showcase 2020

Parul Dubey on June 12, 2020 - in
June 3, 2020 all-day

The AASHTO National Bridge and Structure TRAC (Transportation and Civil Engineering) Bridge Challenge Competition takes place each year with students from 7th – 12th grades. This year 18 finalist teams were selected, but the final competition scheduled to be held at the AASHTO Spring meeting was canceled due to COVID-19.  Bentley partnered with AASHTO to host the “Virtual TRAC Showcase” on June 3rd giving the students recognition for their hard work and allowing them to present their projects in front of their parents, teachers, sponsors, DOTs and AASHTO members.

The finalist teams from Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and Mississippi with team names including “The Suspension Is Killing Me”, “Bridge O Matics” and “Cable Stayed Mustangs” presented their bridge projects designed with Bentley software including MicroStation, OpenRoads and ContextCapture. The 10-minute presentations allowed each team to demonstrate how they designed the bridges and built models of them with balsawood. Each finalist received a certificate and gift card provided by Bentley Systems, Michael Baker International and TopoDOT to recognize the students for their outstanding work.

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