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Video: Secrets of the Parthenon

October 11, 2019 - in Buildings, Video

The Parthenon, the icon of Western civilization, which stands in splendor on Acropolis Hill in Athens, has stood for for 2,500 years, miraculously surviving the ravages of time, nature and mankind. For decades, engineers, architects and scientists have…

WaveRoller: Plug Into Wave Energy

October 3, 2019 - in Energy, Renewables, Video

A short animation to demonstrate the WaveRoller principle.

Video: How to Restore an Earthquake-Destroyed UNESCO Heritage Palace

October 2, 2019 - in Buildings, Featured, News, Video

Originally built in 1908, Gaddi Baithak reflects the influence that European architecture had on Nepal at that time. Primarily composed of brick with…

Video: Science to Reveal How Long Highway Construction Should Actually Take

September 25, 2019 - in Sensors, Technology, Transportation, Video

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) tasked a team of Purdue University engineers with collecting data on concrete maturity through select highway patching and paving projects. The team will use the data to provide a new evidence-based recommendation…

Video: Bridge Replacement, Newbury

September 23, 2019 - in Bridges, Transportation, Video

Some drone footage of a new bridge being installed near Newbury in England. A 1,200-ton crane was used to lift the four separate sections into place over a period of 6 hours. The project was completed by Bam Nuttall for Network Rail.

Video: Investing in Infrastructure

September 16, 2019 - in Financial, News, Video

Mark Stacey, Head of AGFiQ Portfolio Management, talks about the advantages of investing in publicly listed infrastructure.

Video: Texas DOT Explains Why Its Bridges Are ‘Bat-Friendly’

September 6, 2019 - in Bridges, Transportation, Video

Engineers working for the Texas Department of Transportation are trying to make the state’s bridges and related infrastructure more hospital to bats for a number of reasons as the nocturnal flying rodents help to naturally suppress the insect population…

Video: VDOT Materials Lab Tests Asphalts, Concrete

August 23, 2019 - in Roads, Transportation, Video

Wayne Bartholomew, the VDOT lab supervisor, and his team test the different materials for drivers. 

Video: Rainier Square Core Side-By-Side Comparison

August 21, 2019 - in Buildings, Structural components, Video

SpeedCore is a non-proprietary revolutionary method of composite structural-steel framing, aiming to replace the common reinforced concrete core construction.  Any fabricator can produce this composite system.

Infrastructure HBO Movie Trailer

August 19, 2019 - in Uncategorized, Video

This funny take on infrastructure first appeared on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. We all need to laugh sometimes.