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AMLI Residential Releases Results of 2024 Sustainability Living Index

Parul Dubey on April 12, 2024 - in Buildings

Austin’s new AMLI Branch Park is certified at LEED Platinum®, one of AMLI’s 49 LEED® certified communities.


Survey shows year-over-year demand for sustainable living is strong

CHICAGO — The leading U.S. developer of sustainable apartment communities announced the results of its fifth Sustainable Living Index today. AMLI Residential’s 2024 survey received responses from more than 2,600 AMLI residents on their sustainability opinions and, specifically, how green initiatives impact their choice of where to live. The 2024 survey results revealed that sustainability remains a highly important issue for renters across the U.S.

Green features factored into the decision to rent at an AMLI community for nearly half – 45.7% – of residents. This is a 2.5% increase from AMLI’s previous Sustainable Living Index survey in 2022. Additionally, 78.9% of residents believe living in a sustainably built apartment benefits their health, indicating that AMLI residents place value not only on a sustainable home, but also healthier living.

An overwhelming majority of residents – 85.8% – stated they were concerned about climate change, with 66% saying that the need to find solutions for environmental issues has increased over the last five years. Millennials and Gen-Zers reported the most concern over climate change and have an increased desire for environmental solutions.

“From our survey results over the last seven years, most AMLI residents have consistently expressed concern about climate change and want solutions,” said Phil Tague, AMLI president. “AMLI will continue to ensure that our communities’ green features match our residents’ priorities.”

The green apartment feature that residents ranked highest was fresh-air initiatives, like premium air filters, operable windows and kitchen ventilation that exhausts directly outdoors. At 92.6%, this was again the most important green feature for residents. AMLI residents ranked other green features as important in this order:

Financial Savings from Energy Efficient Features – 87.31%

Recycling, Composting & Other Waste Diversion – 82.97%

Smoke-Free Community – 80.93%

Green Transit – 77.67%

Healthy Building Materials – 73.3%


Concerning electric vehicles, 36.8% of residents said they’ll be driving an EV or plug-in hybrid in the next five years, and 7.8% drive an EV already, which is slightly higher than the total U.S. market[1]. We saw interest across all ages and regions, but Millennials and Gen-Xers in Seattle and Southern California expressed the most interest in plug-in vehicles.

“AMLI is committed to expanding EV charging for our residents and we are working through a multi-year initiative to ensure we are prepared.” commented Erin Hatcher, VP-ESG & Sustainability.

“Our residents who participate in the survey are terrific for helping us with insights that influence our designs and choices when developing new communities. We want to meet the desires and needs of our residents, both present and future,” Tague added. “AMLI remains committed to achieving LEED® and other third-party certifications for all new developments. AMLI’s commitment to provide healthy, green apartment homes is a foundation of our AMLI brand.”

Last month, AMLI received the 2024 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award, among the EPA’s highest honors, for the sixth consecutive year, due to its commitment to leadership in energy efficiency. Other recent recognition has included the U.S. Green Building Council naming AMLI as its 2023 LEED® Homes Awards Outstanding Developer and as a 2023 LEED® Homes Power Builder, the latter designation for the eighth consecutive year.


About AMLI Residential

AMLI Residential focuses on the development and management of environmentally responsible apartment communities throughout the U.S. Founded in 1980, AMLI is owned by PRIME Property Fund, a core commingled institutional fund. AMLI owns and manages 77 apartment communities, including approximately 26,000 apartment homes, and has approximately 3,900 additional apartment homes under development at nine new communities. AMLI is a leader in multifamily sustainability. Forty-nine AMLI communities are LEED®-certified, and 45 communities are ENERGY STAR®-certified. For more information, visit www.amli.com.

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