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Harris County Continues its Commitment to Expand Affordable Housing Initiatives

Parul Dubey on April 1, 2024 - in News

Harris County, TX – Harris County Commissioners Court approved yet another milestone towards providing affordable housing for residents in the county. This most recent approval of $39,828,000 in funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will include the development of six properties, creating a total of 677 affordable housing units. This significant investment underscores our commitment to addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in our community.
The total approved ARPA funding is expected to exceed $115.6 million of ARPA funds across 18 multifamily properties. The commitment is an investment to deliver affordable housing units that will benefit individuals and families in the community over the next two years.
Previously Commissioners Court also approved funding through ARPA, an additional investment of $75,833,175 comprising of 12 properties, creating an additional total of 1266 affordable Housing units.
The development of these properties will be a collaborative effort among the following partnerships with the Harris County Housing Development, LP, Upland Housing Development, LP, (Cesar Chavez Foundation), Mark-Dana Corporation, Gadol Holdings, Manson Place Apts, LP, and New Hope Housing. These partnerships will ensure that the projects meet the unique needs of our community.
The Harris County Commissioners Court continued investment in affordable housing will provide safe, stable options for families and individuals.

About Harris County Community Services Department
Harris County’s Community Services Department (HCCSD) mission is to invest in people and place, driving community development and improving quality of life for individuals and families in broader Harris County. HCCSD is accomplishing this mission through our investment in affordable housing, accessible transportation, and other critical social services for our most vulnerable communities. For more information on HCCSD programs and services, please visit csd.harriscountytx.gov.

JLL advised Harris County on the RFP responses and recommended specific properties for funding.


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