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DFI Announces Formation of New Foundation Reuse Committee

Parul Dubey on March 8, 2024 - in News, People

Andrew Boeckmann Named Chair


Hawthorne, N.J. (March 5, 2024): DFI announces the formation of the Foundation Reuse Committee, which had been a task force under the DFI Subsurface Characterization for Deep Foundations Committee.

The  mission of the new committee is to reduce impediments to foundation reuse through outreach, promotion of technical advancements, and development of guidance documents and specifications.

The committee chair is Andrew Boeckmann, Ph.D., P.E., senior engineer with Dan Brown and Associates (DBA). Boeckmann primarily works on geotechnical design for large bridge projects, but he also performs a variety of specialty services including foundation reuse, integrity test evaluation, instrumentation and monitoring, tremie concrete, mass concrete, and geotechnical research.

Prior to joining DBA, Boeckmann spent eight years as a research engineer at the University of Missouri, where he wrote NCHRP Synthesis 505 Current Practices and Guidelines for the Reuse of Bridge Foundations (2017) and performed a large field research study for Missouri DOT on the reuse of foundations. Prior to working at the university, he was a geotechnical engineer for URS in St. Louis, where he worked on design teams for several large projects, including deep soil mixing for post-Katrina levee reconstruction in New Orleans.

In addition to his involvement with DFI, Boeckmann is a member of the EFFC/DFI Tremie Concrete Task Group.

“With the steadily increasing reuse of existing foundations as a relevant and sustainable option for the deep foundation industry, DFI recognizes the need to create a standing committee to address and promote the issue,” says Matt Glisson, DFI technical activities director. “The new committee is continuing the important work they have been doing as a task force, including the publication of foundation reuse peer reviewed papers, the publication of foundation reuse case histories and organizing workshops and panel sessions for industry conferences.”

Learn more about the Foundation Reuse Committee at https://dfi.org/communities/foundation-reuse/

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