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The Yutraffic Blade Controller: Elevating Safety and Efficiency at Kansas Intersection

Parul Dubey on March 1, 2024 - in News, Roads, Transportation

Yutraffic Blade being installed at the intersection of Ninth and Magnolia in Salina, KS



  • By choosing Yunex Traffic’s latest controller the Yutraffic Blade to upgrade their intersections, the City of Salina demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of traffic management technology.
  • Yunex Traffic has launched a next generation IoT platform for intelligent transportation systems that combines edge computing technology with a traditional Advanced Transportation Controller.
  • The Kansas intersection is the first,outside of field testing, to be installed with the edge computing device, the Yutraffic Blade.


Austin, TX February 29, 2024 – Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, is announcing the successful installation of its cutting-edge Yutraffic Blade controller at the intersection of Ninth & Magnolia in the City of Salina, Kansas. This milestone marks the first customer deployment of the Yutraffic Blade, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with reliability and overall functionality being quoted as an encompassing highlight of the installation.

Forward-Looking Approach

Dennis Dewitt, the Traffic Signal Superintendent for the City of Salina, has expressed great satisfaction with the Yutraffic Blade controller’s performance.  “Benefits like being able to access the controller from anywhere, and having an edge computing device at the intersection are what really motivated us to install the Yutraffic Blade.  These features align perfectly with our commitment to providing the best possible traffic management solutions for our community,” Said Dewitt.

Having initially procured two Yutraffic Blade controllers, he has already requested another for additional installations. The City of Salina currently operates all M60 controllers, and their decision to upgrade demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of traffic management technology.

The City of Salina’s decision to adopt the Yutraffic Blade was not driven by a specific issue but by their desire for the latest and greatest technology. By choosing the Yutraffic Blade, they are positioning themselves for continued success in managing traffic efficiently and safely.

Rodney Mathis, the Managing Director of Yunex Traffic USA, is thrilled about the progress of the latest controller and said, “Yunex Traffic remains dedicated to advancing traffic management technology, and the successful installation in Salina is a testament to our commitment to excellence. ”

You can find more news information on our website: https://us.yunextraffic.com/newsroom/

Yunex Traffic is a separately managed company of the Mundys Group. It is a global leader in the field of intelligent traffic systems, offering the widest end-to-end portfolio of solutions for adaptive traffic control and management, highway and tunnel automation, as well as smart solutions for V2X and road user charging tolling. Yunex Traffic has 3500 employees from 62 nations and is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Its intelligent mobility solutions are currently being used in major cities across the world, including Dubai, London, Berlin, Bogota, and Miami. Yunex Traffic has successfully concentrated its efforts on mastering technologies in the three segments of hardware, software, and service, and is subsequently the only supplier who is capable of meeting all major regional standards in Europe, UK, Asia and America such as OCIT, SCOOT, SCATS. Further information is available at: www.yunextraffic.com

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