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Specification Section: 2024 Erosion Control, Geosynthetics and Retaining Wall Guide

This guide briefly showcases the latest Erosion Control, Geosynthetics and Retaining Wall products specified by civil and structural engineers throughout the industry. If your company should have been included, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll add it online.

CivilGEO, Inc.

CivilGEO develops civil engineering and stormwater software that greatly speeds up an engineer’s work when performing erosion control engineering analysis. Flood studies, bridge design, dam failure, detention pond design, urban drainage and more can be analyzed and designed.

Users typically save at least 50% of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D, Bentley MicroStation, and Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. Free demonstration versions are available for trial.

Sara Presta
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Contech Engineered Solutions

Contech Engineered Solutions is a leading provider of site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech is the only company that can provide bridge, drainage, erosion control, sanitary, soil stabilization and stormwater solutions on a national scale.

Our product offering includes corrugated metal and plastic pipe; steel truss, metal plate and concrete arch bridges and structures; hard armor and retaining wall systems; and stormwater detention/retention, filtration and treatment systems.

Our product portfolio is based on more than a century of research and practical field experience serving the highway, drainage, sewage and site-improvement markets. To contact one of Contech’s 50 offices or 300 sales and product professionals nationwide, visit www.ContechES.com or call ٨٠٠-٣٣٨-١١٢٢.

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Erosion Supply Company

Sediment Basin Skimmers. Tested, Proven and Approved. Spec with CONFIDENCE.

ESC Skimmers include barrel pipe, flex hose and an easily changeable orifice. Skimmer legs help keep the inflow device out of mud.

With an industry-leading wholesale/dealer network, our ESC Skimmers can be LTL freighted anywhere in the country in a matter of days. All of our state approvals, testing data, cut sheets and flow rate/sizing calculator are on our website under Skimmers. Each skimmer is assembled by hand to ensure correct balance, ballasting, flow characteristics and orifice flow rate. 

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JRM Chemical

For more than 30 years, JRM has supplied the stormwater and erosion industry with linear and crosslinked polymers.

The linear polymers—which are available in powders, emulsions and tablets—floc water and reduce the turbidity of stormwater runoff. The anionic polymers comply and are certified NSF International ANSI/NSF standard 60. In erosion control, they can be used to tack hydromulch and for slope stabilization.

Crosslinked polymers hold moisture and are used with new tree and ground-cover plantings. They are designed to reduce plant waterings by 50% and last 3-5 years in the soil. The product line includes five grade sizes and types for all aspects of the landscape industry as well as a full line of mycorrhizal and biological products for plantings.

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Nedia Enterprises

Nedia Enterprises Inc. offers a complete line of erosion control, sediment control and bioengineered products made primarily from natural fibers. We provide innovative, quality products and excellent service to customers in the erosion control and bioengineering industry.

Nedia is committed to conservation of the environment. We believe that the proper use of our erosion control products will contribute to improved environmental function as well as encourage widespread use of innovative and vegetation-friendly bioengineering techniques.

Siby Pothen

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Presto Geosystems’ GEOWEB Soil Confinement System (Geocells) offers flexible solutions for challenging soil stabilization problems. The GEOWEB System strengthens and transforms fill material, improving performance in a variety of applications.

For controlling erosion, the GEOWEB System’s cellular structure stabilizes the upper soil layer on slopes to resist sliding and prevent surface runoff erosion. In channel designs, the system controls stormwater and replaces expensive riprap and reinforced concrete with vegetation and poured-in-place concrete.

Vegetated gravity and reinforced GEOWEB Retaining Walls are designed for natural aesthetics and to meet green initiatives. Using the GEOWEB System to build roads with onsite, low-quality fill reduces cost and installation time.

Presto offers free project evaluations, fast and easy specification tools, and engineering consultation.

HDPE GEOWEB. Strength and Flexibility Perfected.

Katie Bouchard

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Soil Retention

Drivable Grass, manufactured by Soil Retention, is a plantable, flexible and permeable concrete pavement system designed with an engineered polymer grid that allows flexibility and conformity to irregular ground-surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves while providing the intended structural support. This unique product, whether planted or non-planted, is a solution for a variety of applications for soil stabilization. Drivable Grass is an ideal solution for erosion control protection when used in bio-swales, road shoulders, roadside swales, infiltration basins, small channels and ditches. Drivable Grass is a permanent hard-armor system that provides a simple solution to linear projects.

Andrea Santini


Effective erosion control systems are key to sustainable development and protecting degradation of the land due to natural forces such as rain, wind and water. PROPEX erosion control and slope stabilization systems offer innovative solutions that are more sustainable and cost-effective than traditional hard armoring materials. Our engineered solutions stabilize the earth, extending the life of levees, dams, channels, shorelines and other key infrastructure.

Selecting the right system is critical to mitigate the negative impacts and maintain the stability and health of the land and rivers. MIRAGRID geogrids are advanced soil-reinforcement products for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) applications, including walls, slopes, embankments and berms. MIRAGRID provides proven vertical-grade change solutions with extensive performance testing to deliver cost-effective design solutions.

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The StormRAX Advantage

StormRax’s innovative portfolio of trash racks and debris screening devices come in a wide variety and are designed to fit both common and unique outfall structures to keep stormwater systems flowing when it matters.

Manufactured in the USA by the team at Plastic Solutions, Inc., StormRax are constructed from high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced structural HDPE that will never rust. The innovative design is engineered and proven to be strong, UV-stabilized and chemical resistant for long-term debris protection in stormwater systems. StormRax weigh at least 55% less than comparable steel models, making installation and structure maintenance a breeze.

With more than 25 years in the market and a passion for customer service, contact us for your stormwater system protection solutions.

Matt Myer

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AIRE Environmental

AIRE Environmental manufactures industrial products for secondary containment, fluid storage, flood protection, spill cleanup and erosion control. Popular products include containment berms, flexible water bladders, water-filled flood barrier “Diversion Tubes,” drip containments, culvert socks/flumes, dewatering bags, spill kits and absorbents. Manufacturing in Meridian, Idaho, our capabilities include precision CNC cutting, radio-frequency welding, hot air welding and industrial sewing. We also offer custom and OEM manufacturing. Let our technical support staff assist you with compliance, emergency orders and custom projects.

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American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company invented the erosion control blanket! Made in the USA and celebrating more than 135 years in business, American Excelsior manufactures a wide variety of erosion and sediment control products.

Curlex engineered fibers are made from 100% natural Aspen fibers and harvested from sustainable sources. Recyclex-based products keep millions of soda bottles out of landfills. Our three-netted TRMs in our TriNet family of products are designed to work in extreme applications. Curlex Sediment Log and Curlex Bloc products provide sediment control and have countless shoreline and water-filtration applications. Hydraulically applied erosion control products and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products round out our offering.

With locations and distribution partners throughout the United States, we make it easy for you to address your local jobsite requirements.

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Earth Retention

Specializing in the design of retaining wall systems, Earth Retention is the industry expert at delivering innovative geostructural solutions through excellence in engineering, products and responsive support.  

Licensed in 39 states, our experienced professionals understand state regulations, industry standards and best practices for successful outcomes. From the earliest stages of your project through the final completed wall construction, we will be with you every step of the way. We excel at providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your project’s exact requirements. 

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ERTEC Environmental Systems

ERTEC manufactures revolutionary erosion, sediment and wildlife control systems with twice the performance, half the total cost and zero waste. Compared to traditional solutions such as silt fence and wattles, ERTEC’s sediment control technology significantly reduces unlawful sedimentation to global waterways. Compared to solid or perforated sheet or fabric, ERTEC’s wildlife control systems reduce installation and monitoring time and maintenance headaches. All ERTEC solutions function for long durations and reduce or eliminate post-construction waste to landfill.

Joe Sherratt

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Faircloth Skimmer

The original Faircloth Skimmer improves the efficiency of every sediment basin by releasing the cleanest water from near the surface instead of sediment-laden water from the bottom. It’s the best-designed, highest-quality, most-trusted skimmer on the market and the easiest way to comply with the requirement to drain from the surface.  

Contact us for our improved sizing calculator, cut sheets, detailed installation instructions and more.

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Ferguson Waterworks

Ferguson Waterworks – Geo & Stormwater Solutions serves a variety of professionals throughout the country, including civil engineers, municipalities, contractors, developers and landscapers. As the nation’s largest waterworks company, Ferguson Waterworks offers contractors and municipalities a reliable coast-to-coast network with more than 250 locations and more than 2,500 highly trained associates. Our inhouse experts and relationships with industry-leading vendors enable us to provide on-time delivery, unmatched support and top-tier fill rates for a breadth of products across the construction industry.

With a technical sales team on staff, we can provide value-engineered capabilities for flood mitigation, road leveling, soil stability, vegetative establishment and more. Simply, we provide geosynthetic products and tools to help experts everywhere design more efficient, more secure stormwater solutions.

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Geostar Technologies

Geostar Technologies distributes its own lines of geotextiles, geogrids and gabions made in the United States. Our new U.S.-made product is AquaRockBags, a highly durable, easily installed solution for marine applications, including shoreline and bank preservation and restoration, abutment and scour protection, and artificial reefs and wave breaks. We currently work with a variety of customers—from civil contractors to government entities—on projects that include road construction, retaining walls/soil retention, bank/shoreline restoration and much more across all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean.

Justin Webb

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GeoTree Solutions

GeoTree Solutions (GeoTree) offers a wide range of highly engineered solutions designed to repair, protect, strengthen and rehabilitate critical infrastructure assets spanning industrial and civil infrastructure markets.


GeoTree’s GeoSpray geopolymer system is made of a high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar, specifically formulated and engineered as an environmentally friendly solution for rehabilitating a range of infrastructure, including culverts, stormwater collections and larger structures under bridges that might be classified as culverts or bridges.


GeoTree’s RenewWrap CFRP strengthening system comprises a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins highlighted by our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system. It’s ideal for use on bridges, specifically for column strengthening, decking/slab reinforcement, footing, girders, pier caps and piles.

John Hepfinger
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Permanent erosion protection just got an upgrade with InstaTurf ShearForce: pioneering superior solutions refined by more than 30 years of erosion control expertise. InstaTurf products rapidly reinforce your site with an eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing hybrid turf, closely mirroring natural grass. Our product’s patent-pending design incorporates decades of engineering insights to stimulate robust vegetative growth and enhance future erosion resilience, enabling the use of vegetation in place of rock riprap for high-flow applications. Reduce your reliance on cumbersome machinery; InstaTurf product’s lightweight construction offers easy transportation for premium protection anywhere. Ideal for channels, pond banks, steep slopes and outfall areas, InstaTurf raises the bar in erosion control. Delve into the technical specifics at Insta-turf.com and sign up for a comprehensive site evaluation. 

Tim Lancaster 

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Industrial Fabrics

Industrial Fabrics, Inc. (IFI) manufactures the BaseLok line of geosynthetic products. Based in Houston, BaseLok is the only manufacturer who produces punched and drawn geogrids, geocells and laminated geogrid products. This diversity allows our staff of professional engineers to provide solutions that match the project needs, not our manufacturing limitations. BaseLok products are used in numerous applications from base stabilization to retaining walls to erosion control. IFI has more than 40 years of experience providing expertise in the geosynthetics markets. Let us partner with you on your next project.  

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Invisible Structures

For more than 35 years, Invisible Structures, Inc. (ISI) has been committed to manufacturing products that both protect and enhance the environment. Our 100% recycled plastic product line includes erosion control systems, porous pavers, underground stormwater retention and detention, and high-performance drainage systems.

Our products help to prevent erosion and soil migration, reduce stormwater runoff, filter pollutants from water, recharge groundwater, reduce nonpoint source pollution, mitigate urban heat islands, and much more.

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RYMAR Waterworks Innovations

RYMAR Waterworks Innovations produces next-generation stormwater and erosion control products. The Marlee Float skimmer is the most cost-effective skimmer on the market. Its unique, patented design has a shielded weir to prevent clogging and draws water from just below the surface, which keeps floating trash and debris in the basin while increasing sediment-trapping efficiency. Constructed of HDPE pipe, this polyethylene float is UV-resistant and virtually indestructible. Our newest product is the Rymar Water Quality Filter. When combined with the Marlee Float Skimmer, this system has been tested to ASTM Standards and proven to provide 90% TSS removal efficiency to meet the most stringent post-construction stormwater quality requirements.

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Seaman Corporation

For more than 40 years, XR Geomembranes have set the industry standard for geomembrane strength, durability and performance. Our long record of successful installations containing a variety of harsh liquids has given Seaman Corporation a recognized position of leadership in this very specialized field.

Seaman Corporation offers three grades of XR Geomembranes for containment: XR-5 for broad chemical-resistant applications requiring high-strength membranes; XR-PW for potable water contact products; and XR-EXT for extreme installations that require extra protection. All XR Geomembrane products are classified as an Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA). They are very stable, with low thermal expansion-contraction properties.

Engineered for protection where performance is essential. Contact us today to find out more about how Seaman Corporation can help you leverage your competitive advantage. 

Bill Shehane

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Sixense provides a distinct spread of tools that improves knowledge of infrastructure condition through asset-management software, sensor technology and instrumentation as well as nondestructive testing. Our integrated solutions unify inspections and monitoring data to optimize infrastructure management and decision processes. BeyondAsset is our software that optimizes bridge and asset inspections as well as management of any infrastructure.

EverSense and BeyondMonitoring systems are turnkey instrumentation deliveries used for monitoring anything from a single bridge or tunnel to large infrastructure networks. EverScan is a unique portfolio of nondestructive measurement methods focusing on cable and post-tensioned structures.

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Strata Systems

Strata is a global leader in geosynthetic manufacturing and geotechnical engineering, delivering innovative products and solutions for an array of site-development challenges worldwide. Strata’s products are made according to international quality standards backed by globally recognized design, engineering and technical-support services.

Strata’s product portfolio includes StrataGrid and StrataWeb, which help with reinforcement, confinement and stabilization of soft soils. Our Sleeve-It product is a pre-engineered fence-post anchoring solution used to enhance the below-grade foundational stability of fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW). Thanks to its patent-pending cantilevered design, the Sleeve-It system allows stable fence footings to be integrated into the support structure of the SRW during construction.

Craig Bell

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Tensar, a division of CMC, is a world-leading manufacturer of ground-stabilization and soil-reinforcement solutions. Our innovative geogrid and geopier technologies have benefited thousands of civil construction and engineering projects around the world for more than 50 years. Our Tensar+ software lets engineers make more-informed design decisions by calculating the initial and lifecycle cost savings for a wide range of civil engineering applications. Our global team and international network of distributors provide support and advice to customers no matter where they are. 

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TYPAR Geosynthetics

At TYPAR Geosynthetics, a Berry Global Brand, we create performance-based replacements for building staples such as stone, sand and asphalt. Our products are lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts, reducing materials required, waste created and the need for heavy construction equipment. With product and research facilities in Nashville, Tenn., we’ve built upon 40 years of experience to extend our range of materials to provide protection, reinforcement, drainage, filtration and separation options to design and construction professionals.

From permeable driveway surfaces, tree-root-friendly barriers that protect underground structures or a reinforcement wall system that holds back flood waters, TYPAR Geosynthetics can meet application requirements and extend the life of projects.

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Western Green

Western Green—and its associated erosion control brands North American Green, East Coast Erosion and Western Excelsior—is the industry leader for manufactured erosion and sediment control products, and holds the industry’s most-complete product line, ranging from short-term ECBs to permanent HPTRM Anchored Systems.

Whether your site needs short-term protection or permanent vegetation reinforcement, trust Western Green’s quality brand products to handle any erosion issue you may face.

Jill Pack

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Underground Storage Tanks and Stormwater Management Solutions

For more than 40 years, Xerxes has worked to protect the environment with corrosion-resistant, watertight fiberglass liquid storage tanks. Today, ensuring that groundwater and fresh water sources are protected is more essential than ever.

Increased urbanization and severe weather incidents—as well as increased regulations and the need for erosion control—make collecting and managing stormwater crucial to that work. Xerxes’ newest product line, HydroChain Stormwater Management Systems, addresses this need with products for treatment, conveyance, filtration, and storage and infiltration.

The use of geotextile materials is often part of the overall solution when installing storage tanks and stormwater chambers.

To learn more about Xerxes’ tank solutions and stormwater management solutions, visit Xerxes.

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