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Sika’s Rmax® Introduces Below-Grade Insulation Solution

Parul Dubey on February 5, 2024 - in News, Products

Innovative Polyiso Insulation Meets All Performance Requirements With 25% Less Material


LYNDHURST, NJ — Rmax®, a division of the Sika Corporation that specializes in developing and producing high-quality insulation solutions, has launched Rmax® Below Grade. This innovative insulation solution provides superior insulation and protection to below-grade foundation applications, while meeting energy code requirements.

Renowned for its high thermal resistance, polyiso insulation is historically a popular choice for exterior continuous wall and roofing applications, enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings by effectively insulating against heat transfer. Rmax has now tailored polyiso for below-grade applications by incorporating a durable water-resistant facer onto the closed-cell foam core, ensuring the optimal solution for below-grade applications.

“Historically, the vast majority of the below-grade commercial and residential foundations required a 2-inch thick XPS board to meet an R-10 code requirement in most markets, and 3 inches of XPS for R-15 in the northernmost markets. Our new product will meet the same R-10 requirement with only 1.5 inches of polyiso, which is 25% less material and achieve the same standard,” said Martin Heiskell, Sika’s SVP for Rmax.

An additional advantage of the Rmax Below Grade resides in its positive environmental impact, which requires 25% less material, fewer truckloads, and less floor space per square foot of inventory compared to other below-grade insulation options.

For more information on Rmax Below Grade from Sika, visit www.rmax.com

About Sika’s Rmax

Rmax, a division of the Sika Corporation, specializes in developing and producing high-quality insulation solutions for commercial and residential buildings and other specialty applications. Since 1978, Rmax has focused on creating insulation products based on the latest building science, offering polyiso-based wall, roof, and specialty insulation with maximum R-values and minimal environmental impact. Their engineered products and solutions are designed to provide superior insulating protection, meeting the latest codes and requirements for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Rmax’s commitment to efficiency in installation, cost, and design contributes to a better building envelope, leading to material and labor savings for both commercial and residential projects. For more information on the Sika Corporation, please visit: www.rmax.com

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