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Trends December 2023

Parul Dubey on November 30, 2023 - in News, Trends

In this section, Informed Infrastructure compiles infographics from trusted sources that reveal insight on infrastructure spending. We also compile some of the top infrastructure stories that shouldn’t be missed. For ongoing news coverage, turn to Informed Infrastructure online (www.informedinfrastructure.com), our Twitter feed (@IInfrastructure) and our weekly e-newsletter.

More Federal Funding Needed to Improve Drinking Water

According to the most-recent “Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment” (DWINSA), a periodic assessment done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water utilities throughout the United States will need to spend $625 billion during the next 20 years to fix, maintain and improve the country’s drinking-water infrastructure.

That key finding of the survey, completed in 2021 and finalized in a report to Congress in September 2023, represents a 33 percent increase, not accounting for inflation, from the almost $469 billion reported in the 2015 version of the DWINSA. Such growth far exceeds recent federal investments provided through the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Read the full report at bit.ly/40AsFjb.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released in October 2023 “ASCE/COS 73-23: Standard Practice for Sustainable Infrastructure,” which provides guidance for infrastructure owners to develop and implement sustainable solutions through a project’s entire lifecycle. It’s a non-mandatory, performance-based standard designed for civil infrastructure ranging from transportation projects to water systems to the energy grid, developed over a period of five years involving a multitude of diverse stakeholders.

“This is a transformational standard that for the first time will establish consensus guidance on how infrastructure owners should address sustainability in their projects,” explained ASCE President Maria Lehman. “Infrastructure owners and designers have a responsibility to develop and implement practices that promote sustainability and long-term reliability of infrastructure projects, while also being cost-effective and collaborative with community stakeholders.”

The new standard is available at bit.ly/3uia7YY.

TOP Stories

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