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Webcor White Paper Outlines How General Contractors Can Add Value to Wayfinding in Large Public Facilities

Parul Dubey on November 29, 2023 - in Buildings, News

Effective wayfinding reduces end users’ stress and frustration. Webcor’s wayfinding expertise can help ensure hassle-free journeys for passengers, patients, and other public facility users

San Francisco, California | November 28, 2023 – The general contractor’s role in the wayfinding dimension of a public facility project is often understated. In fact, builders that grasp the intricacies of wayfinding can significantly influence the end user’s journey through the facility.

Too often, wayfinding is perceived as a signage-only matter. It’s important to keep in mind that the design and execution of everything from skylights and flooring to lighting and visual cues contribute to the ease with which a user can navigate from the building entrance to their destination.

Webcor has published a white paper that details the various elements of wayfinding and the role the public facility’s builder can play in reducing (or, ideally, eliminating) the frustration and anxiety users often feel when struggling to find their destination. The white paper addresses considerations like spatial updating—the process through which people continuously update and maintain their mental representation of their position, orientation, and surroundings as they move through an environment—and their roles in planning effective wayfinding.

Builders with wayfinding expertise understand the distinct categories to consider, such as the ease with which individuals can identify decision-making points, the route controls that will confirm whether visitors are on the correct route, and the role of landmarks that help individuals understand their current location in relation to their destination.

Experienced Webcor builders contributed to the white paper’s examination of specific types of public facilities, including airports; medical, healthcare, and life science facilities; hotels; universities; and convention centers.

This free white paper is now available for download on Webcor’s website: https://www.webcor.com/white-papers/pathways-to-success

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