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Engineered Energy Solutions and Integrated Control Solutions Merger: Broadening Expertise in Building Automation and Control Systems for Enhanced Client Services

Parul Dubey on November 20, 2023 - in Corporate, News

Engineered Energy Solutions (EES) merges operations with Integrated Control Solutions (ICS) to drive excellence and client support in the design, engineering and installation of energy efficient automation and control systems for the commercial building and transportation sectors.


Warren, NJ – Engineered Energy Solutions (EES), North America’s premier partner for energy-efficient green building management and transportation control systems today announced a strategic merge with full-service control system contractor Integrated Control Solutions (ICS).

“Joining forces with EES felt like a natural step due to our shared commitment to quality and client support, which resonates with my 18-year tenure there before founding ICS in 2003,” said Tom Marquet, President of ICS. “This merger expands our capabilities in system design, software development, installation, and service, enhancing the resources we can draw upon to serve our clients.”

Established in 2003 and serving Central and Northern New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania and New York, ICS is a full-service control system contractor specializing in the design, installation, programming, and servicing of building automation control systems. From simple heating and cooling plants to complicated building systems, ICS helps clients save energy and improve system performance.  The combined company will engineer and support control systems in the transportation industry as well as qualified building management systems (QBMS) for medical; high-rise; residential; large-scale, mixed-use buildings; and other intricate types of facilities.  The merger reinforces EES’ commitment to help the environment through energy savings initiatives, such as optimizing air-side economizers, free cooling and dehumidification/heat recovery optimization.

“We are thrilled to extend our services to ICS’ esteemed clients,” said EES President and CEO, Bruce Marson. “This merger enhances our capacity to deliver the best solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, in line with offering systems that increase reliability and optimize operations.”

In addition to the merger with ICS, EES is now a provider of Circon software and hardware products. The software products include Network Integrator, Visual Integrator, and Device Support. The hardware products include programmable and configurable controllers. Circon is developed and manufactured by Efficient Building Automation, an enabler of building automation solutions committed towards sustainability.

About Engineered Energy Solutions

Founded in 1982 with 41 years in operation, Engineered Energy Solutions is an industry leader in building management systems and transportation control systems. With a staff of resourceful engineers and programmers, EES uses the company’s proprietary PROCOS™ methodology to help clients reduce their carbon footprint while also lowering utility costs. A trusted partner to building owners and facility managers, the company has a variety of clients who have utilized the company’s services for more than 40 years. EES’ New Jersey-based team has engineered more than 75 building and transportation control systems nationwide during the company’s long history.  For more information, visit EES’ website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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