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Introducing the Trimble T100 Dichroic Filter

Parul Dubey on October 20, 2023 - in News, Products

Trimble is pleased to introduce a dichroic filter screen protector designed to enhance the performance of the Trimble T100 tablet in intense solar conditions.

Purposely built for the sunniest days, this filter boasts a runtime that’s over 5 times longer in direct sunlight, allowing for a more productive workday even in the harshest conditions. The solar energy that is typically absorbed by the T100 is cut in half, giving users better performance to conquer tasks without limitations.

Our Testing

The dichroic filter substantially improves the length of time the T100 can operate in high solar load conditions. The plot below shows that a T100 in simulated conditions only lasts 52 minutes before the device shuts down to protect the batteries from overheating. However, with the dichroic filter, the T100 is able to remain active for over 5x longer (See Plot).

The conditions were set to match the 12 PM hour on a bright sunny day in Westminster, Colorado. This improvement, in combination with new DTT (Device Thermal Throttling) polices, enable the user to persist in even the harshest environments.

How it Works

A dichroic filter works by selectively interfering with certain light wavelengths as they pass through a thin film. By varying film thickness, it is able to reflect certain wavelengths and transmit other wavelengths. In effect, the dichroic filter cuts in half the solar energy absorbed by the screen.

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