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FleetWatcher Integration Enhances Functionality of B2W Software

Parul Dubey on October 18, 2023 - in News, Products

(Indianapolis, IN) – FleetWatcher integrates with B2W Software to enhance its functionality, saving users of both platforms time while significantly improving accuracy.  Machine hour readings from FleetWatcher equipped assets flow seamlessly through to populate B2W modules, thus eliminating the manual input of this information. In addition to saving administrative time, this automatic data transfer significantly enhances accuracy. Because data is tied to equipment activity, the real-time data details who worked and for how long, thus eliminating time card overhangs. Information from rolling assets as well as off-road equipment is automatically captured, making the integration useful to heavy construction contractors of all sizes.

B2W Software is a Trimble company with well-established integration capabilities with Trimble Viewpoint ERP systems. Contractors using B2W to manage operations and equipment maintenance benefit by having FleetWatcher telematics integrated to complete the data transfer chain. With automated data capture and reporting from project to payment, contractors can manage projects more efficiently and profitably.

In addition to real-time data flow benefits, pairing FleetWatcher and B2W provides value beyond the integration. Equipment idle hours and productive hours information from FleetWatcher can be manually input into the B2W Track module. Synching the two can give contractors a better view of the completed project, so they can use a blended rate to estimate similar future projects more accurately.

Similarly, equipment meter readings are passed seamlessly to the B2W Maintain equipment maintenance module to drive automated preventive maintenance programs, ensuring timely notifications and completion. Using the equipment GPS coordinates, B2W Maintain can provide real time equipment location that can be used to increase field mechanic efficiency and reduce unnecessary travel time.

Further value beyond the integration is achieved when contractors better utilize the geo-zones to better see and manage the equipment being used within them.

FleetWatcher provides a seamless flow of data to further enhance the functionality of other popular programs including Viewpoint, sage, Haul Hub, OnStation, and many more.  Additionally, data can be imported into Fleetwatcher from Vista such as project and equipment information creating a central source of truth and eliminating duplicate entry of the information.

“We understand that customers utilize many different software programs, so we take pride in integrating with them,” said FleetWatcher Founder Larry Baker. “We were the first telematics platform to integrate with Viewpoint back in 2010, and since then our seamless data flow has helped countless customers operate more efficiently and effectively.”

About Earthwave:

Earthwave Technologies manufactures construction-specific wireless telematic products which provide complete visibility to all components used within the process.  Their industry-leading Fleetwatcher Material Management Solution (MMS) is being used by asphalt paving contractors across the US.  They also offer modules for e-ticketing, off-road construction, and more.  For additional information visit www.FleetWatcher.com, e-mail [email protected], call (800) 553-0027, or write Earthwave Technologies, 8727 Commerce Park, Suite C, Indianapolis, IN   46268.

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