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The brochure of Desalination Latin America 2024 is ready for your review

Parul Dubey on October 10, 2023 - in Events

The the brochure of the 6th Annual International Congress and Exhibition “Desalination Latin America 2024” is ready for your review. The event will be held on 13-14 March 2024 in Santiago, Chile and registration is already open.

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Congress highlights:

  • More than 250 SENIOR EXECUTIVES attend to Desalination Latin America each year. This key platform for executive leaders of the desalination industry, brings together delegates from local and international investors.
  • 20+ desalination projects in Latin America: Chile, Peru and Mexico -ongoing and planned projects in the region.
  • Ask your burning questions, ask for advice, and share your experience during and after the sessions!
  • More than 40 industry leaders and experts will present and discuss the key topics influencing the development of the industry in Latin America.
  • Extraordinary networking possibilities! 1:1 face-to-face business meetings, networking round tables, cocktail receptions, and interactive conversations. Take this opportunity to trade business cards with EVERY conference attendee!
  • STRENGTHENING THE DESALINATION INDUSTRY IN LATIN AMERICA. Government authorities, producers and investors present their strategies to boost the Desalination industry – Regulation, Tax benefits, bills, permits procedures and much more.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Development of Desalination Plants:
    Automation, digitalization, data management and more, delivered by experts.
  • Get to Know the Most Promising Desalination Projects in LATAM. Planning, construction, and modernization of main desalination facilities in the region.
  • Desalination: Roadmap Towards a Circular Economy. Models and strategies for brine utilization and waste reduction discussed by industry leaders.
  • Investor Attraction Strategies in the Desalination Industry: Financing and attraction of investors for the new projects implementation – What is needed to provide guarantees and stability to the investors?
  • Innovative Key Solutions for Cost Reduction. What are the best practices and solutions for operational efficiency, and effectiveness?
  • Energy Efficient Desalination. Case studies and solutions to implement renewable energy sources and other energetic strategies in desalination projects.
  • Round Table: The ESG of Desalination Companies: What is the industry’s commitment to communities and environmental preservation? – Conflict resolution, Crisis management and Social investment.
  • DEDICATED EXHIBITION of cutting-edge equipment and technologies for the desalination industry delivered by local and global leaders.

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