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The International Code Council Collaborates with The Tiny Home Industry Association to Address Tiny Home Construction and Safety

Parul Dubey on October 10, 2023 - in Buildings

The guide will help tiny home builders and residents comply with up-to-date International Codes® 


Washington, D.C – The International Code Council, in collaboration with the, Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) recently published The Tiny House – Building it Right: From the Publisher of the Building Codes guide. The illustrated guide covers the proper construction of tiny homes including movable tiny homes (MTHs).

The Tiny House – Building it Right guide focuses on the planning, design, permitting, construction and inspection of tiny houses. Code section references are provided throughout. The guide also covers the various types of tiny houses and familiarizes builders of tiny houses with the requirements contained in the International Residential Code® (IRC®).

“This guide is a helpful resource for the increasingly popular tiny home industry,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “By following this guide, we can help ensure the safety of residents of tiny houses and support multiple housing options that are safe, sustainable and affordable.”

The author of the guide, Steve Van Note, has had a lengthy career in the building construction and safety industry before retiring from the Code Council. His years of experience as a building contractor, building inspector, building official and as the Code Council’s residential code expert have made him an authority on tiny house construction.

“THIA recommends this book as an essential companion to the 2021 International Residential Code®, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly guide for anyone involved in the design, construction or inspection of tiny houses,” said THIA CEO and Chairman Brad Wiseman.

The guide joins a growing suite of jointly-developed resources from the Code Council and THIA including the 2021 International Tiny House Provisions, Navigating Certification and Regulation for Tiny Houses and Model Tiny House Legislation. The organizations are also co-sponsoring development of ICC/THIA Standard 1215 – Design, Construction, Inspection and Regulation of Tiny Houses for Permanent Occupancy. ICC/THIA Standard 1215 will complement existing tiny house resources developed by the Code Council, with the criteria allowing for easy adoption of the standard internationally and in jurisdictions that do not use the IRC® as its base code.

The guide is now available in multiple formats, including a compact print edition and PDF download, and will be available on Digital Codes Premium® soon. The guide is available for purchase here. Learn more about the Code Council’s tiny house resources here.


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