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Flow Labs and TomTom Announce Major Data Partnership to Bring Agencies Unprecedented Traffic Data Accuracy

Parul Dubey on October 6, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

Flow Labs’ proprietary AI digital twin platform paired with TomTom’s data will deliver new levels of data accuracy and reliability. By increasing probe data access by more than 5x, this partnership will build the foundation of powerful AI applications that will deliver real-time optimization and insights to transportation agencies across the US.


OAKLAND, California – Flow Labs, a transportation software technology leader specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transportation data integration, announced a new partnership with TomTom, the location technology specialist with over 30 years of leadership in global mapping, navigation and traffic data. The collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the quality, accuracy, and security of transportation data available to agencies across the United States to enhance transportation safety, equity, mobility, and environmental sustainability.

Flow Labs’ digital twin platform integrates signal data, detection data, and connected vehicle data into a unified traffic management platform that optimizes traffic flow and enhances regional mobility. With the addition of TomTom’s global data, Flow Labs will deliver unparalleled traffic insight to agencies and consultants, capturing insights from 20% – 35% of vehicles on any given roadway. This marks a substantial acceleration versus the current state of the market where 3 – 10% is the current standard.

“The massive increase in connected vehicle probe data will provide traffic managers with a crystal clear picture of what is happening on any given roadway, at any given time. New real-time and historical analytics, will allow them to fully understand traffic volumes and travel times so they can make mission critical transportation decisions with greater speed and ease,” said Jatish Patel, Founder and CEO of Flow Labs. “The partnership will generate unparalleled data accuracy and reliability, empowering powerful applications like traffic signal optimization and regional safety monitoring, including identifying high speed corridors and crash hot spots with improved incident detection. Agencies will also gain greater insights into vehicle emissions so that they can keep up with stringent environmental reporting requirements.”

While the impact of the collaboration will be immediate, this long-term agreement brings together two leading edge organizations committed to pushing the envelope on traffic data granularity and how agencies can utilize it.

“We are excited to partner with Flow Labs and power their live traffic signal optimization environment with our best-in-class traffic data,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Vice President for Traffic & Travel Information at TomTom. “By combining our data from millions of trips across America with Flow Labs’ AI solutions, we support transportation professionals and cities in making informed, accurate decisions, thereby delivering more reliable travel times and safer streets for communities across the US.”

Unlike other products, Flow Labs’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions never require expensive infrastructure or roadway modifications, making software and application leader TomTom the perfect partner. While the impact of the collaboration will be profound on day-one, this agreement will serve as a launchpad for broader innovation in the future.

“We expect the long-term benefits for both organizations and the customers we serve to be globally profound,” said Patel. “We intend to jointly develop new products, services and applications that will better service the growing needs of agencies, DOTs and other transportation providers across the United States and beyond.”

Learn more at https://www.flowlabs.ai or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Flow Labs

Flow Labs provides transportation agencies with data-driven software solutions designed to make transportation cleaner, clearer, and safer for everyone—right now. Founded in 2018, the company’s AI-powered platform generates best in class transportation intelligence to analyze, predict and optimize traffic flows across an entire city in seconds. Flow Labs achieves agency goals by using data from connected vehicles and traffic networks, with no need for expensive hardware or infrastructure modifications.

Flow Labs’ entire platform is scalable, offering a cost-effective path to integrate data, view network analytics, monitor traffic flows, optimize multi-modal traffic signals, and provide on-demand transportation project evaluation.

The company is dedicated to helping agencies Find Issues, Fix Problems and Fund Projects. For more information, visit https://www.flowlabs.ai or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About TomTom

Billions of data points. Millions of sources. Hundreds of communities.

We are the mapmaker bringing it all together to build the world’s smartest map. We provide location data and technology to drivers, carmakers, businesses, and developers. Our application-ready maps, routing, real-time traffic, APIs and SDKs enable the dreamers and doers to shape the future of mobility. 

Headquartered in Amsterdam with 3,800 employees around the globe, TomTom has been helping people find their way in the world for over 30 years.


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