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BILT Teams Up with American Express to Support the Post-Purchase Experience

Parul Dubey on September 27, 2023 - in Corporate, News, Technology

3D interactive instructions improve efficiency & customer loyalty

GRAPEVINE, TX – BILT Incorporated, creators of the 3D BILT app, is collaborating with American Express to offer U.S. merchants immersive mobile instructions at preferred pricing. The goal is to help manufacturers grow their business by modernizing training and operations and help merchants increase customer loyalty. The move also aims to benefit DIYers and professionals by enhancing the assembly and installation process.

“We’re committed to success beyond the point of sale,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. “We’ve seen professionals and technicians dramatically reduce time-on-task.” BILT won the award for most innovative construction tool at the International Builders Show in 2020.


BILT reduces friction for consumers and contractors with 3D interactive immersive instructions which may help merchants reduce product returns, damages, and service calls. The platform delivers analytics and user feedback that can help manufacturers make more informed decisions on product design and processes. This data includes star ratings, product reviews, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

“It’s increasingly difficult to delight customers in this digital world, but BILT does just that. Its clever and intuitive design delivers a legitimate WOW,” says Fred Reichheld, the man the New York Times says “put loyalty economics on the map” and the creator of the Net Promoter System. “BILT makes customers happy, provides unique analytical insights and user feedback, and helps the environment by eliminating the paper manuals and instructions.” Reichheld says the Amex/BILT collaboration feels truly “on brand” since both Amex and BILT are committed to treating customers so well they come back for more and refer their friends.

BILT’s cloud-based digital solution can also help suppliers with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy to reduce paper use. Paper production is one of the leading causes of deforestation and a contributor to water pollution and methane gas production. By implementing 3D instructions and reducing paper manuals, businesses can support sustainability while providing an improved instruction and training experience.

About BILT: 

BILT is the leader in 3D interactive instructions, transforming paper manuals and videos into fully manipulable animated guides. Hundreds of brands and manufacturers deliver next-gen training on BILT for thousands of jobs from assembly and installation to maintenance and repair. BILT is proven to reduce errors, rework, and calls to support and increase performance and productivity. The award-winning BILT app is available worldwide on iOS and Android. Learn more at BILTapp.com/bilt-pro-digital-work-instructions/.


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