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Superior Aluminum Products Introduces Mesh Railing

Parul Dubey on September 8, 2023 - in News, Products

(Russia, OH) – Superior Aluminum Products introduces new Series 9M mesh railing which feature a code-compliant, contemporary design. They combine a modern look with the benefits of low-maintenance aluminum frames. Mechanically fastened Series 9M is durable and resistant to wind, rain, and extreme temperatures while allowing for a view beyond the barricade. Mesh is available in woven wire, or round or square perforated panel options, in four different finishes: black, white, dark bronze, and gray. All products are built and installed to exact project specifications. Series 9M mesh railing is ideal for new commercial and residential projects as well as for remodeling projects.

With no welding or painting on-site, installation of the new Series 9M is fast and easy, allowing contractors to knock items off their punch list quickly.  In addition to mesh, Superior Aluminum also offers a full lineup of glass, cable, pipe, and picket aluminum railings to suit individual tastes and preferences or satisfy a project with barricade requirements.  With a complete lineup of railing products, Superior Aluminum Products offers single source convenience. All products are available through a nationwide distribution network.  Additional information on Series 9M mesh railing can be found online at https://bit.ly/Mesh-Railing.  

“The multi-family housing market is really active right now, and with the addition of mesh and glass railing we have a well-rounded product portfolio to offer,” said company President Doug Borchers.  “With these new products, our Snap-Tite® PVC column wraps, and congoing product enhancements, we’re better positioned than ever to address every residential, multi-family, and commercial project. These are clearly exciting times at Superior Aluminum Products.”

Headquartered in Russia, Ohio, Superior Aluminum Products is an industry leader in the manufacturing of aluminum railing and fence, and aluminum, PVC, and fiberglass columns. This third-generation family-owned and operated company has been making aluminum products since 1956. Their decorative and functional products are custom built to customer specifications, with CAD drawings created for layout, design, and manufacture. This allows them to identify and prepare for any slight difference or oddity in any area, and greatly simplifies installation. All products are designed to meet local, state, and federal building codes, including the American with Disabilities Act. Their maintenance-free products are ideal for commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities, as well as single-family and multi-family residential locations. Their Russia, OH headquarters facility includes over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floorspace, as well as engineering, design, research & development, customer support, and administrative offices. For additional information contact Superior Aluminum Products Co., 555 East Main Street, P.O. Box 430, Russia, OH  45363, or visit www.SuperiorAluminum.com, e-mail [email protected], or call (937) 827-0626.

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