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2023 Stormwater Products and Technology Guide

Parul Dubey on August 7, 2023 - in Directory, Stormwater Products and Technology

Stormwater conditions can vary tremendously, depending on the size of the area, surrounding terrain, volume of water involved and many additional factors. This brief listing is meant to showcase products and technology used and specified by civil and structural engineers. If your company should have been included, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll add it online.

Best Management Products, Inc. 

Since 1999, more than 100,000 BMP SNOUT hoods have been put in service to help communities comply with stormwater quality regulations. This system reduces trash, floatables, oil and sediment from stormwater discharges. It is also a high-performance pretreatment option for water harvesting, stormwater retention and recharge systems.

BMP’s accessories such as the Bio-Skirt, the Stainless TrashScreen and our new Turbo Plates add flexibility and extra cleaning power. The most popular option for the SNOUT is the Bio-Skirt, which increases hydrocarbon removals, including emulsified oils and PAHs. The Stainless TrashScreen is an accessory that helps to meet Full Trash Capture requirements for Trash TMDLs.

Our Turbo Plates reduce turbulence and velocity in the structure and greatly increase sediment capture and retention. Design information, CAD drawings and pricing can be found at bmpinc.com or call 800-504-8008 for assistance. All products are proudly made in the USA.

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CivilGEO, Inc.

CivilGEO develops civil engineering and stormwater software that greatly speeds up an engineer’s work. Flood studies, bridge design, dam failure, detention pond design, urban drainage and more can be analyzed and designed. Users typically save at least 50% of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D and Bentley MicroStation as well as Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. Free demonstration versions are available for trial.

Sara Presta
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Crumpler Plastic Pipe

Trash-Guard Combo

Crumpler Plastic Pipe manufactures 3” to 48” polyethylene plastic pipes meeting ASTM and AASHTO standards. Applications include highway culverts, airport runway drains, landfill drains, industrial wastewater drains, golf course/landscape/agricultural drains, sewer composting systems, septic sewers, and parking-lot stormwater detention/retention systems. CPP stormwater detention/retention systems are protected from sediment and trash accumulation by Trash-Guard, Patent 7276156.




Cretex Specialty Products

PRO-RING is the most advanced concrete-alternative manhole and catchbasin grade-adjustment system available anywhere. Available in round, square and rectangular, these rings are manufactured from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), which is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions.

One person can install the PRO-RING system in just minutes to within a quarter inch of finished grade, and they are watertight. Where concrete rings break and may cause injury, the PRO-RING system eliminates the hazard, helping minimize the risk of injury. A 6” PRO-RING weighs just 14 pounds and stands up to all kinds of physical abuse. The PRO-RING system dramatically speeds manhole installation and repair time. Manhole repair sites can be opened, repaired and closed in one day, reducing overall costs from 20% to 30%, based on conditions.




ArcGIS enables the efficient collection, management and analysis of data and information critical to an effective stormwater program. Replace paperwork and manual data entry with easy-to-use maps and applications that will significantly reduce the time and cost associated with inspections. Visualize and analyze data to better understand where to focus resources to meet regulatory requirements and achieve sustainability goals. Get started with easy to use, preconfigured ArcGIS solutions for stormwater.

Christa Campbell

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Erosion Supply Company

Sediment Basin Skimmers. Tested, proven and approved. Spec with confidence.

ESC Skimmers include barrel pipe, flex hose and an easily changeable orifice. Skimmer legs help keep the inflow device out of mud.

With an industry-leading wholesale/dealer network, our ESC Skimmers can be LTL freighted anywhere in the country in a matter of days. All our state approvals, testing data, cut sheets and flow rate/sizing calculator are on our website under Skimmers. Each skimmer is assembled by hand to ensure correct balance, ballasting, flow characteristics and orifice flow rate. 

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Faircloth Skimmer

The Faircloth Skimmer surface drain floats on the surface of the sediment basin as it fills and drains, releasing the cleanest water near the surface instead of draining muddy water from the bottom of the basin as conventional outlets do. The skimmer drains the basin slowly over several days at a constant rate to maximize settling.

The adjustable orifice regulates the filling and drawdown of the basin and improves efficiency. Check out www.FairclothSkimmer.com for additional information, including cut sheets, a sizing template, detailed installation instructions and pictures.

Brian Free

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JRM Chemical

For more than 30 years JRM has supplied the stormwater and erosion industry with linear and crosslinked polymers.

The linear polymers—available in powders, emulsions and tablets—floc water and reduce the turbidity of stormwater runoff. The anionic polymers comply with and are certified NSF International ANSI/NSF standard 60. In erosion control, they can be used to tack hydromulch and for slope stabilization. Crosslinked polymers hold moisture and are used with new tree and ground-cover plantings. They are designed to reduce plant waterings by 50% and last 3-5 years in the soil. More than five grade sizes and types for all aspects of the landscape industry. Full line of mycorrhizal and biological products for plantings.

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Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

Throughout the 35-plus years Keystone Retaining Wall Systems has been in business, we have become the world’s leading source of structural and landscape retaining-wall solutions. Keystone’s products and services address soil retention, erosion control and inventive landscape systems for commercial, municipal, transportation, residential and industrial applications. Our wall units include lipped, lugged and pinned systems. The pinned systems use Keystone pultruded fiberglass pins with a near-vertical construction option. Two Keystone structural wall systems have been widely approved for use across the country by state departments of transportation.

KeyWallPRO is an updated version of our industry-leading engineering wall design software. It is advanced, professional-level software for the design of Keystone’s mechanically stabilized earth walls.

For more information, go to www.keystonewalls.com/softwareresources.

John Schramm

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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH Company and an industry leader in infrastructure solutions, has a suite of digital Stormwater Design Tools targeted at helping engineers, specifiers, regulators and contractors design and assess site-specific stormwater management systems in an effortless and timely manner.

What makes Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Design Tools different is that it offers an entire suite of solutions, from detention and treatment to green infrastructure and deep infiltration, all easily accessible in one dashboard.

The Design Tools technology is self-service and easy-to-use with drag-and-drop functionality, meaning users can design on their own time, without worrying over time zones and deadlines. The result? Documents that can be seamlessly incorporated and easily submitted for project approval. Try it out for yourself:


Presto Geosystems

Introducing Presto Geo P3 – Your Project Planning Portal

Presto Geosystems is proud to introduce Presto Geo P3, a complimentary web-based suite of geotechnical calculation tools designed to support engineers, contractors and project owners in completing value engineering evaluations using geocells, porous pavements and construction mats.

Presto Geo P3 also serves as a comprehensive resource hub. With access to a vast library of technical documents and product resources, you can deepen your industry knowledge, stay up-to-date with the latest product advancements, and make more-informed decisions when it comes to your projects.

Designed to revolutionize project planning and execution, Presto Geo P3 empowers you to build smarter, faster and more sustainably. Start planning your next project today.

Harness the Power of Value Engineering.

Katie Bouchard
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Rinker Materials

Delivering proven, innovative, high-performance solutions has made Rinker Materials successful for 60 years. That’s why municipalities across the nation look to Rinker for reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts designed for underground storage, stormwater conveyance and unique applications such as limited cover or deep fills. Today, through ongoing innovation and acquisitions, the depth and breadth of our product line is more comprehensive than ever. With more than 70 facilities nationwide, including eastern Canada, Rinker Materials combines proven product quality, engineering, design and convenience to create your customized stormwater system.



Stone Strong Systems

What is it that makes Stone Strong the best block in precast? In a word: everything. Everyone knows we’re the biggest block in the industry. But what they may not know is that we’re the industry’s most efficient, complete retaining wall system as well. Or that our big block system is the first to be fully engineered both structurally and geotechnically. So no matter what you’re looking for—size, speed or strength—Stone Strong can meet your project requirements.

Nathan Gran

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StormRax’s innovative portfolio of trash racks and debris-screening devices come in a wide variety and are designed to fit both common and unique outfall structures in stormwater management systems.

Manufactured in the USA by the team at Plastic Solutions, Inc., StormRax are constructed from high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced structural HDPE that will never rust. The innovative design is engineered and proven to be strong, chemical and UV resistant, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. The light weight—compared to steel—makes installation and structure maintenance a breeze.

With more than 25 years in the market, and a passion for customer service, we have proven our commitment to designing durable and environmentally friendly products for your stormwater system needs.

Matt Myer

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StormTrap offers proven, leading-edge solutions for managing runoff, protecting waterways and improving the use of your property. We are committed to providing cost-effective, customized water-management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities across North America and abroad. Whether you are concerned about water quality, detention, infiltration or water harvesting, StormTrap has a design that will reduce your footprint, accommodate site constraints, lower overall costs and meet your specific project needs. For further information on the complete line of StormTrap products—SingleTrap, DoubleTrap, ShallowTrap, StormSettler, SiteSaver, TrashTrap and PumpGuard—please visit www.stormtrap.com.

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ACO StormBrixx is a unique, patented, plastic geocellular stormwater management system. The system is designed for surface-water detention, retention, infiltration and reuse. Its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of a sustainable drainage system.

StormBrixx stands out due to its modular design, high void ratio, structural strength, water-treatment capabilities, ease of inspection and maintenance, sustainable material usage, and comprehensive design support. These features make it a versatile and efficient stormwater management solution.

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Advanced Drainage Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) has a new online calculator, the Pipe Value Tool, that allows engineers and contractors to easily compare the total installed cost of ADS HP Storm and N-12 pipe with other materials on the market. The program is cloud based and mobile friendly with the ability to customize pricing on material and/or labor to reflect the local market. Once the comparison has been completed, it can be emailed directly to the customer, showing the number of installation days, truckloads and joints required for the project. The Pipe Value Tool has the ability to request an ADS sales rep to contact the user and will save templates and projects for future reference and use. Please visit the Pipe Value Tool at www.pipevaluetool.com.

Heather Schreiber
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AGRU America


Sure-Grip liners from AGRU America are made of HDPE, HDPE-el, PP, PVDF or ECTFE and serve as a long-term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products. The liners prevent concrete corrosion and degradation, can substantially extend the lifetime of a structure, and, by preventing exfiltration and infiltration, provide direct protection for the environment. The liners have anchoring systems that enable construction in areas of significant backpressure. Unlike spray-applied liners, which must be reapplied regularly due to cracking or delamination, these liners are long-lasting and are designed to avoid the residuals cost often associated with concrete spray-on liners, which require tank emptying and cleaning every few years for reapplication. Learn more about AGRU America at www.agruamerica.com.

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American Concrete Pipe Association

The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) is the spokesperson for the concrete pipe industry in all matters affecting the industry’s welfare.

Throughout the 20th century, the concrete pipe industry has experienced tremendous growth. As more and more people moved from farms to cities, it created increased demand for concrete sewer and drainage products. The introduction of the automobile and subsequent highway development extended the uses of concrete pipe storm drains and culverts. There are currently more than 400 plants operated by ACPA members in the United States and Canada. More than 40 countries are represented in the membership of the ACPA.

ACPA members contribute to the improvement of our environment by producing quality concrete pipe, engineered to provide a lasting and economical solution to drainage and pollution problems.

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American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company (AEC) invented the erosion control blanket! AEC has been manufacturing a wide variety of erosion and sediment control products in the USA for more than 130 years.

Curlex engineered fibers are made from 100% natural and sustainable Aspen fibers. Recyclex products keep millions of soda bottles out of landfills. TriNet TRMs work in extreme applications. Curlex Sediment Log and Curlex Bloc provide sediment control, shoreline and water-filtration solutions. All new Curlex Hi-Vis Excelsior Logs were developed for when you need a product to visually stand out. Hydraulically applied erosion control products, and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products round out our offering.

We make it easy for you to address local jobsite requirements with locations and distribution partners across the country.

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Bentley Systems – OpenFlows StormCAD

OpenFlows StormCAD is Bentley Systems’ comprehensive modeling software for the design and analysis of storm sewer development projects. The software offers roadway and site designers, stormwater master planners and land developers a lifecycle approach to high-quality design, from rainfall to outlet, with advanced capabilities that effectively minimize capital investments. Project teams can leverage and import virtually any external data format to jumpstart and manipulate model data, with the ability to use a multitude of data entry and modeling editing capabilities. OpenFlows StormCAD recommends the most cost-effective pipe sizes and invert elevations, avoiding unnecessary pipe trench excavation, while meeting design restrictions. Project teams can easily share modeling information in many formats, including native use within MicroStation for use in any engineering, operations, maintenance or GIS workflow.

For additional information, visit www.bentley.com/StormCAD.

Joel Johnson

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Concrete Sealants, Inc.

Since ConSeal’s founding in 1970, we’ve proudly served concrete producers and end-users with a full line of top-quality products. Today, ConSeal manufactures sealants, extruded sealing tapes, primers, wraps, waterstops, coatings, mastics, hot-melts, lubricants, densifying coatings and specialty admixtures. ConSeal products are used to assemble and seal precast concrete pipes, manholes, box culverts, septic tanks, burial vaults, structures, buildings and components of all types. Additionally, ConSeal products are used with poured-in-place construction joints, concrete bridge spans and decking, roadway surfaces, and more. ConSeal manufactures products for HVAC, electrical, petroleum pipe and other applications.

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Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

Stormwater management is becoming ever-more complex as regulations get stricter with each permit cycle. It’s no longer enough to simply move water away from a site—we are now often required to retain and treat it. 

To succeed in this rapidly changing environment, you need a partner to help you navigate the complexities of local, state and federal regulations—who is responsive to your requests and provides innovative solutions that save your clients money and accelerate the design process.

In addition to stormwater expertise, Contech Engineered Solutions offers a wide range of innovative, flexible product solutions engineered to solve your site’s unique challenges and reduce long-term maintenance costs. 

For more information on Contech’s product portfolio, including bridges, drainage, sanitary sewer and stormwater management solutions, visit www.ContechES.com or call 800-338-1122.

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GraniteNet NEW Defect Coding Service with AI

Tired of looking at pipeline videos? Outsource this tedious work to the CUES Defect Coding Service and let its machines process the video using artificial intelligence (AI) for consistent accuracy, speed-to-completion and final review done by PACP-certified inspectors. Get caught up and allow your staff and engineers to focus on more inspiring/productive work, and let the machines do most of the work. 

CUES also offers a sophisticated decision-support service, called Prescriptive Planning, that’s based on the results of the AI-processed inspections to help prioritize risk and organize the types of work that should be done along with the suggested method of repair/replacement. Quantify the type of work, assess your budgets and streamline contractor bids for the specific rehabilitation jobs needed to be done. Call for a discussion or demo.

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During a major rain or tidal event, the water pressure can be powerful enough to force up and dislodge a manhole cover. This creates a dangerous safety hazard for both motorists and pedestrians, especially if the area is submerged under floodwaters and not visible. The STORMSURGE Access Assembly solves this problem. During a storm surge or backflow event, the cover can lift up to 16 degrees, enabling water to flow out and relieve the pressure. The locking arm and hinge restrain the cover and allow it to automatically re-seat itself after the pressure returns to normal. Made in the USA, it is traffic rated and exceeds the 40,000-pound-proof loading requirements of AASHTO-M-306. www.ejco.com/stormsurge

Joe Lazzati

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EnviroPod delivers at-source catch basin stormwater treatment

For more than 25 years, EnviroPod has been treating stormwater runoff, targeting site-specific pollutants with our proven catch basin insert filters, meeting trash and stormwater quality requirements and regulations across the USA.

The EnviroPod LittaTrap is an innovative, modular stormwater catch basin filter device that sits inside catch basin inlet structures for capturing trash, plastic debris, sediments and other pollutants of concern conveyed in stormwater runoff. There are now more than 50,000 LittaTrap inlet filter devices installed throughout the world, including the USA and Canada. Easy to install and maintain, the LittaTrap is the No. 1 inlet filtration device for municipal storm drains and private developments throughout North America.

To learn more about the LittaTrap and associated products, please visit our website at www.enviropod.com.

William Harris

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Ferguson Waterworks

As the nation’s largest waterworks company, Ferguson Waterworks offers contractors and municipalities a reliable coast-to-coast network of more than 250 locations and more than 2,500 highly trained associates. Our relationships with the industry’s top vendors allow on-time delivery, unmatched support and industry-leading fill rates for a wide breadth of products across the water, sanitary sewer and storm water management industries.

Public and private water and sewer authorities, utility contractors, public works/line contractors, heavy highway contractors and more look to Ferguson Waterworks for our customer-first approach to supply and service the waterworks industry. 

For more information, visit www.ferguson.com/waterworks.


GeoStorage Corp.

GeoStorage Underground Stormwater Detention Systems are an economical underground stormwater detention system composed of locally available commodity products and designed per AASHTO Bridge Standards. Sand can be incorporated on the floor of the GeoStorage Chamber to meet stringent water-quality regulations.

Terence Sheridan, P.E. 

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GeoTree Solutions

GeoTree Solutions (GeoTree) offers a wide range of highly engineered solutions designed to repair, protect, strengthen and rehabilitate critical infrastructure assets spanning industrial and civil infrastructure markets.


GeoTree’s RenewWrap CFRP strengthening system comprises a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins highlighted by our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system. It is ideal for use on bridges specifically for column strengthening, decking/slab reinforcement, footing, girders, pier caps and piles.


GeoTree’s GeoSpray geopolymer system is made of a high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar, specifically formulated and engineered as an environmentally friendly solution for rehabilitating a range of infrastructure, including culverts, stormwater collections and larger structures under bridges that might be classified as culverts or bridges.

John Hepfinger
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HydroCAD Software Solutions

HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling provides easy TR-20, TR-55, SBUH and Rational hydrology, plus TC calculations, pond storage, outlet hydraulics, pump routing, underground storage, pollutant loading and more. Version 10.2 provides enterprise-wide licensing, plus multi-level undo, sloped grates, channel outlets, computer-controlled outlet devices, automatic pond overflow, rainfall trimming, enhanced reporting, and a constantly expanding chamber library. The interactive graphical environment is fast and intuitive, producing better results in less time on every project. For details, visit www.hydrocad.net.

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Rooftops are one of the last areas of the development site where highly effective stormwater management BMPs can be employed to deal with rainfall where it lands. Hydrotech leads the rooftop effort by offering a wide variety of assemblies to handle ever-increasing amounts of stormwater. www.hydrotechusa.com/assemblies/stormwater-assembly

Dennis Yanez

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Invisible Structures

Innovating porous paving and water harvesting/storage systems since 1982, Invisible Structures continues its legacy of excellence with the strongest, easiest to install and most-sustainable products for your project’s design. Parking lots and alleyways transform into greenspace, roofs become gardens, and pooling mud and water disappear. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 pavers, and Rainstore3 water storage units are stronger than concrete, with H25+ loading capacity, and manage stormwater with virtually no maintenance or impact on the environment.

Our Grasspave2, Gravelpave2, Rainstore3, Slopetame3, Draincore2 and Beachrings2 products are all ADA compliant and made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic. With installation lifespans of 40 years and counting, we have always been committed to creating a greener world, together. Pave stronger. Store smarter. Last longer.

Rebecca Harris

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Developing precision sensors and software for 60 years, KISTERS helps agencies and consulting engineers continuously monitor water, weather and the environment to protect communities and infrastructure. Efficiently collect, secure, validate and optimize data from myriad sources, including data partners, commercial raster/satellite and open data sources for real-time operations, continuous improvement and long-term planning. Integrate KISTERS IT with Esri GIS for advanced timeseries and spatial capabilities. Explore how local, county, state and federal agencies use our innovations to forecast water and weather risks, coordinate flood warnings, and sustain hydropower and clean water supplies.

Jens Proche, Software

Dave Procyk, Hardware

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National Precast Concrete Association

The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) is an international trade association representing more than 900 manufacturers and suppliers in the precast concrete industry. To find an NPCA member who manufactures precast products for stormwater management, visit www.precast.org/find.

NPCA also publishes a variety of technical resources focused on using precast for stormwater management, including manuals, brochures, blogs, webinars and standards available for free at www.precast.org/precast-product/stormwater-management.




The Plastics Pipe Institute

The Drainage Division of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) provides drainage and stormwater management solutions.

Corrugated HDPE and polypropylene pipes are available in 3”- 60” diameters and are ideal for agricultural & foundation drainage, resilient culverts, stormwater collection & conveyance, and stormwater detention systems. A 100-year service life can be expected in typical drainage applications. Corrugated HDPE is the most sustainable drainage pipe on the market and can incorporate recycled resins without compromising service life.

Years of extensive research by AASHTO and various state DOTs have validated the performance of corrugated plastic pipe under heavy load conditions with just 12 inches of cover.

A new drainage handbook is available free for download at the PPI Drainage Division’s website: https://plasticpipe.org/drainage/handbook.html

Daniel Currence, P.E.

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Pre-Con Products

Based in Simi Valley, Calif., Pre-Con Products produces a precast underground stormwater storage product called StormPrism EQ (SPEQ), which can be installed quickly and will last a lifetime. In terms of safety and maintenance, it can be outfitted with large hatches for equipment access, stairs, lighting, built-in ventilation and internal sediment-capture areas. SPEQ is the only underground storage system that has a totally flat floor, allowing for easy maintenance, and a flat ceiling for complete ventilation.

James Mayer 

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Prinsco, Inc.

HydroStor Stormwater Chamber Series

Prinsco’s HydroStor stormwater chamber series now has four sizes that load, stack, install, store and perform as well or better than the competition. The difference is service. 

Prinsco is known industrywide as a values-driven company that makes doing business easy. So with a full chamber series with equal or better performance, why not choose to get the highest level of service in the industry?

• HS290 – 167 cubic feet of storage

• HS180 – 180 cubic feet of storage

• HS75 – 75 cubic feet of storage

• HS31 – 31 cubic feet of storage

• High-performance polypropylene

• Meets or exceeds ASTM F2418 and ASTM F2787

• Meets AASHTO H20 and HL93 load requirements

• Integral connectors for simplified assembly

• Available with end caps, pipe manifolds and pretreatment options

• Integrated handles for safe handling

• Custom pallet for trouble-free handling

• Industry-best service

Mark Coleman

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Proco Products

Proco Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and supply of expansion joints for piping/ducting systems. Proco has prided itself on offering the most-complete line of products to suit a variety of applications. Some of these products include rubber and molded PTFE expansion joints and braided flexible hose assemblies. Also available from Proco Products, Inc. are the Series 700 ProFlex rubber duckbill check valves. These valves are commonly used in the water and sewage industry. Check valves are a cost-effective way to control back pressures from sewage-treatment plants, outfalls and tidal operations. Proco’s main goal is to provide superior service to the demanding marketplace. Quality and service will always be Proco’s highest priority.

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Rymar Waterworks Innovations

Rymar Waterworks Innovations is the maker of The Marlee Float skimmer, Versa Wattle inlet protection for use on hard surfaces and our newest product, the Rymar Water Quality Filter. The skimmer is constructed of HDPE, creating a virtually indestructible and low-maintenance surface drain suitable for temporary or permanent use. The Versa Wattle is designed to be used on hard surfaces for inlet protection and can be driven over repeatedly.

Our newest product is the Rymar Water Quality Filter. When combined with the Marlee Float Skimmer, testing had confirmed TSS Removal rates of over 90%. Visit our website, RymarWaterWorks.com, for easy-to-use design tools, details and tutorials.

Jamie McCutchen, P.E.

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SEALING SYSTEMS INC. is the manufacturer of quality products that prevent inflow and infiltration in your sewer systems. Our product line includes manhole chimney seals, joint seals, manhole inserts, rubber risers, cementitious repair material and fast-acting grouts. Key products include the following: 

• Flex-Seal—an internal brush-applied urethane chimney seal that has a remarkable 850% elongation. 

• Infi-Shield Uni-band—a seamless EPDM rubber external seal that provides a permanent, flexible, watertight seal between the manhole casting and the concrete cone. 

• Gator Wrap—a unique, halogenated-based rubber tape that bonds/stretches to seal joints. 

• Aqua Seal—a fast-reacting chemical grout able to stop 50 GPM leaks. 

All products have undergone extensive ASTM testing and are priced to save your clients money due to our low overhead. Our products will not only save your community money but also help municipalities gain effective wastewater capacity. Call for testing results/pricing.

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Seaman Corporation

XR Geomembrane products have a proven track record and provide superior performance in a wide variety of applications, including stormwater retention ponds. Stormwater retention ponds are used to collect runoff from selected areas, including industrial sites and airports. Multiple geomembranes manufactured by Seaman Corporation are used to line stormwater retention ponds. The liner must withstand UV exposure as well as be chemically resistant, puncture resistant and not require soil cover. XR-5 and XR-3 are excellent choices in these applications. 

For more information, visit www.XR-5.com.

Bill Shehane

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Water is the biggest threat to the performance and durability of pavements. Drainage systems that incorporate geotextiles filters retain and prevent fine grains of soil from passing into and clogging drainage systems. MIRAFI geotextiles offer a range of solutions that enhance drainage and filtration in subsurface drainage applications. These geotextile solutions help to quickly move water off roadways and direct runoff into vegetated areas. Additionally, PROPEX erosion control and slope stabilization solutions offer economical and environmentally friendly options for mitigating washouts, flooding and erosion.

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Sprayroq develops and manufactures the only fast-curing structural and chemical-resistant lining system for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure in the world.

Our trenchless technology solutions extend asset life through corrosion control, abrasion resistance and structural reinforcement. For more than two decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure worldwide.

Our technology provides for a quick, cost-effective way to deliver the finest products available in a highly controlled environment for optimal results. Sprayroq products are fast-curing, allowing assets to be returned to service within minutes after lining application. Furthermore, our linings are formulated to withstand the most-punishing environments while maintaining maximum effective service life. Our core product, SprayWall, with its incredible structural properties, enhances the longevity of horizontal and vertical structures.

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Storm Water Systems

America’s leader in trash trap technologies, our Bandalong Litter Trap and StormX products are proven solutions for your stormwater management for removal of litter and debris from your waterways. The Bandalong Litter Trap captures litter in waterways or channels by using the current to guide debris into the trap. This trash trap technology continuously operates 24/7/365 without any mechanical assistance and no interference with wildlife. With more than 250 installations worldwide, the Bandalong is a cost-effective solution for floatables control. The StormX end-of-pipe netting system is engineered to capture gross pollutants and handle powerful stormwater runoff at most urban hotspots. Contact us for custom design solutions to trash in your waterways.

Gary Hopkins

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Sustainable Paving Systems

Grasscrete offers a pervious concrete system that maintains a solid, drivable surface. Grasscrete provides structural integrity adequate for supporting the weight of a 114,000-pound fire apparatus or a 103,000-pound fully loaded vacuum maintenance truck. Overflow and industrial parking lots where surface drainage can be beneficial as well as roadway shoulders and embankments—capable of draining at rates of up to 480 inches per hour with 100% retention of water with the right design—are all opportunities to consider Grasscrete. Grasscrete is the ideal solution for solving stormwater issues by offering year-round access for applications requiring real structural paving surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of the exterior landscaping and/or the percolation of stormwater and irrigation runoff back into the ground.

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Manufactured nationwide by local UNI Manufacturers, Eco-Optiloc permeable interlocking concrete pavers infiltrate stormwater runoff onsite, saving money by combining parking and detention in one system. Reduces impacts on combined storm/sewer systems, mitigates runoff volumes and peak flows, and reduces heat-island effects. Eco-Optiloc is an EPA-recommended best-management practice and qualifies for LEED and other green rating systems credits.

Eco-Optiloc features interlocking spacers and an “L” shape configuration that offers superior structural stability under traffic loading and withstands turning movements without surface degradation or raveling. Pavement infiltration is maintained by street sweeping/vacuuming and allows for seamless repair if underground access is required. Eco-Optiloc is suitable for use in any climate and is especially suited to vehicular applications.

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A Mattr Brand 

For more than 40 years, Xerxes has designed and manufactured fiberglass storage tanks that provide reliable, secure underground storage for fuel, water and wastewater. A premiere North American composite brand, Xerxes’ most-recent expansion is its HydroChain stormwater management products. These highly engineered products with site-specific designs provide end-to-end stormwater management. Like all Mattr brands, Xerxes works to protect the environment, conserve resources and extend asset life.

Mattr InfraTech delivers advanced material technology and complex manufacturing expertise through a diverse portfolio of brands. Customer-focused and market-driven, Mattr’s expert teams and strong partnerships provide sustainable solutions for the critical infrastructure our world needs. Mattr’s work started more than 50 years ago with the resources of Shawcor and continues to grow through the acquisition of market-leading brands like Xerxes.

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Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring System

Take a proactive approach to station diagnostics, and streamline maintenance with the MAS 801’s predictive analytics tools by Flygt, a Xylem brand. MAS 801 uses a 24/7 onsite overview of pump data and continuous station health check to detect failures before they can damage station infrastructure. With its remote accessibility, easy integration and ability to collect data and predict optimal pump servicing, the MAS 801 supports your station’s evolution into digitization.

Rana Elbittibssi

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