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A collaborative day introducing a unique water system monitoring solution to the water industry

Parul Dubey on July 28, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

Binnies and iVapps working together


July 27, 2023:  Binnies and iVapps hosted an engagement event to introduce a solution to key customers that is set to change the way the water industry monitors its pipelines and systems to identify leaks and other issues.

The mechanical and digital solution enables water system operators to monitor their assets via a remote dashboard, mitigating the need to travel to the location of the data loggers. The SMART cartridge that monitors the systems can also be removed and replaced with a VALVE cartridge to create control or isolation points when required, removing the need to install new gate valves.

This solution provides cost-effective, scalable data monitoring capability, combined with integration into analytical tools that deliver dynamic insight into network behaviour and asset performance. The solution enables the water sector to access the full potential of data gathered via the latest monitoring technology.

Thanks to Binnies’ consult–deliver–manage model, we can support the entire life cycle of our client’s assets. By combining our technical expertise and our digital capabilities, we can effectively support our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. The company is ideally placed to work with iVapps to introduce this unique solution to the water industry.

Binnies and iVapps are working collaboratively to deploy the solution across water networks and used the event, held at WRc (Water Research Centre) in Swindon, UK, to showcase the system’s functionality and ease of use.

The solution was created to enable water companies to manage their networks more proactively across a holistic suite of metrics, ensuring that they can optimise distribution of vital water supplies to their customers while reducing their carbon footprint.

Attendees included representatives from Welsh Water and Icosa Water, as well as industry leaders from the nanomaterials industry and financial institutions. Welsh Water’s Research & Innovation Coordinator Janine Clarke said: “It was a very engaging day and very beneficial to go outside onto the training rig and actually see the product in demonstration, and then to see the dashboard in action and be able to get that real-time vision. To be able to see how we could use the product in different scenarios and talk with other water companies to see how they could utilise it is something we can take away with us and hopefully begin a trial.”

Binnies Head of Network Services (Asset Management) Stuart White led the day, alongside iVapps Chief Executive Officer Simon Humphreys. Stuart said: “It was fantastic to be able to demonstrate our solution to water company representatives and other key stakeholders. The group were really engaging, and I’m delighted with the positive feedback for our solution. We look forward to collaborating further and supporting clients in the digitalisation of their networks.”

Simon added: “It was encouraging to see how well received our partnership was, and how positive the audience was with regard to our collaborative approach and knowledge sharing. Combining first-class mechanical engineering with leading technology all supported by software that brings valuable information to life was perceived as a high-value proposition.”

About iVapps

The iVapps team has engineered the fully patented and world’s first and only body, known as the PORTAL, which houses an interchangeable SMART cartridge or VALVE cartridge into pipelines.

The self-powered and multifunctional SMART cartridge has the capability to measure and transmit a range of data to a proprietary analytical tool that extrapolates the data into usable information relating to water pressure, temperature and chemistry, etc. This information is available to water system operators via an easily accessible dashboard.

These data are used to identify leaks and other water system issues, enabling fast and efficient repair and maintenance.

For more information, visit https://ivappstech.com.

About Binnies

At Binnies, we create new possibilities for humanity through our innovative approach to delivery. Backed by a culture that has stayed true since the company’s founding over 100 years ago, Binnies develops intelligent water and environmental solutions using a whole-life-cycle approach to deliver functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies. We strive to elevate the quality of life for our local communities today and for generations to come.

Binnies is an RSK Group company and was formerly part of Black & Veatch.

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About the RSK Group (RSK)

RSK (www.rskgroup.com) is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions. Its family of more than 200 environmental, engineering and technical services businesses and 12,000 employees works together to provide practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges societies have ever faced.

The company operates in most sectors of the economy, including many of those most critical to future global sustainability, such as water, energy, food and drink, infrastructure, urban development, mining and waste. With its integrated offering across research and development, consultancy and on-the-ground application, RSK can deliver a complete solution that is unrivalled in the market.

The company is certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 international standards for quality, environmental management and health and safety management.

The group is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has an established presence in over 40 countries around the world.

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