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Cordia Announces Ownership of Pittsburgh’s District Steam Power Will Take Effect July 1

Parul Dubey on June 5, 2023 - in Corporate, News

Regulated energy provider pledges to address existing infrastructure challenges while creating a roadmap for a more sustainable downtown Pittsburgh 


PITTSBURGH, PA: Cordia, a sustainability-driven energy solutions provider, today announced that effective July 1, 2023, it will begin offering its steam heat services to buildings in Pittsburgh’s central business district in addition to the Northshore and Uptown neighborhoods it currently serves. This marks the end of downtown Pittsburgh’s long-standing service from Pittsburgh Allegheny County Thermal (PACT), a customer owned cooperative district steam system which has been in operation since 1982. The transfer will transition district steam heating services from PACT to Cordia, advancing Pittsburgh’s climate objectives and ensuring core city businesses receive reliable, economical, and efficient energy services.  

The transfer impacts buildings in Pittsburgh’s central business district currently heated by PACT steam, including retail stores and parking garages, as well as key federal, city and municipal government buildings. Buildings previously serviced by PACT will either receive steam service from Cordia following the transfer, or they will implement their own in-building heating solution. The transfer will not impact service to the homes of private citizens. Current PACT customers were notified of this transfer in 2021.  

“We’re thrilled to be the only steam heat service provider in Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle,” said Mark Schneider, northeast regional general manager, Cordia. “As a company regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Council, it is our duty to offer reliable heating service to the many buildings in downtown Pittsburgh. In addition to providing reliable, efficient energy service, we look forward to collaborating with our customers and community partners to address existing infrastructure challenges and create the roadmap for a more sustainable downtown Pittsburgh.” 

Cordia is reinvesting in the historical fabric of downtown to ensure its longevity, efficiency, and sustainability long into the future. To date, the company has invested $200 million into the city’s energy infrastructure.  

“We’re dedicated to modernizing Pittsburgh’s infrastructure,” said Earl Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Cordia. “Through our work, outdated and defective infrastructure has been repaired, rebuilt, and upgraded. While installing new pipes for energy distribution, Cordia is also improving roads throughout downtown Pittsburgh. The result is a more resilient, efficient energy system.”  
Cordia’s modernization efforts are also helping Pittsburgh achieve its sustainability goals. District steam plants like Cordia use technology that heats buildings more efficiently than traditional, in-building systems. Without these modernization and rebuilding efforts, there would be 15 more heating systems in Pittsburgh, which would likely represent a net increase in the city’s carbon footprint.  


The revitalized system will improve its sustainability in other ways as well. With Cordia’s upgrades, the company expects substantial water conservation through condensate return. The newly built system recycles and reuses water in a way that has not been implemented in downtown Pittsburgh before. 

For more information, please visit cordiaenergy.com

About Cordia 

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