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American-Marsh Pumps Announces Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

Parul Dubey on March 24, 2023 - in News

Collierville, TN. American-Marsh Pumps, A Wilo Brand, is pleased to announce the approval of our Collierville Tennessee pump testing facility through the Hydraulic Institute Pump Test Lab Approval Program. The Hydraulic Institute certification validates American-Marsh Pumps demonstrated ability to perform precise high efficiency pump performance testing for municipal, commercial, and industrial requirements in compliance with federal regulations.

Recent capital improvements to the test lab includes new state of the art Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), and a reconfiguration and automation of our test lines. The plan removed lines which did not support our current product mix, adding a more efficient automated 24” line. American-Marsh Pumps is pleased to have attained Hydraulic Institute approval representing our expanded test capabilities to our customers and channel partners. The Hydraulic Institute program insures American-Marsh Pumps can meet DOE standards as well as compliance to international test laboratory accreditation standard (ISO 17025).

“The ability to demonstrate product performance to our industries highest recognized standard validated through an intensive in-depth 3rd party audit, provides a great deal of confidence to our customers”, stated Jeff Plaster, Managing Director & CEO of WILO USA LLC”.

Wilo USA is investing beyond the test laboratory; to include the entire American-Marsh Pumps (AMP) campus. Wilo’s investments in AMP facilities to redesign and consolidate the manufacturing floor into a single building and condense inventory into a separate dedicated building on campus ensure greater inventory accuracy and quality control.

Additional office space will be added to the updated manufacturing building to accommodate added support personnel. Along with the new office space a new breakroom and employee meeting room are planned. Major investments include replacing the existing roof and installation of an environmental system that will air-condition and heat the facility creating a better environment for the production team members. AMP and Wilo USA will also invest in new CNC equipment for the machine shop that will replace aging and outdated machines. These machines will be a major improvement in both the quality and quantity of the components manufactured in-house. Further improvements to the campus property are also in the works for improved parking lots and a new layout for truck deliveries and customer products shipped from AMP.

View our certificate here: AMP Certificate of Approval_HI.pdf.

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About American-Marsh Pumps:
For over 140 years, American-Marsh Pumps has provided pumps for the industrial, municipal, agricultural, commercial and fire protection markets. The pump offerings include end suction, process sump, non-clog self-priming, split-case and ANSI process as well as vertical and submersible turbines. The American-Marsh campus and associated assets, featuring a 300,000-gallon HI certified test laboratory, located in Collierville, Tennessee, was acquired by WILO USA LLC in 2019.

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