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AGTEK releases Gradework update and launches stand-alone software Materials SA and Underground SA for construction takeoff and production control

Parul Dubey on March 23, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

AGTEK introduces a host of new features to simplify takeoff and production control in construction to help earthwork, paving and utility contractors bid with confidence and complete work profitably

AGTEK Development Company, part of Hexagon, announces today the introduction of its stand-alone software Materials SA and Underground SA and the release of the Gradework software suite for 2023. The new features will simplify takeoff and improve production control of construction materials, utility installation and earthmoving projects.

AGTEK’s latest update enables contractors to create fast and accurate earthwork, material and utility takeoffs from PDF or CAD data with ease using intuitive tools that minimise manual data entry and provide extensive value engineering capabilities. Measure lengths, areas and counts, and extend them into cubic yards of concrete, tons of asphalt, lengths of guard rail, counts of catch basins and any other cost item. The software also allows you to model storm, sewer, water and other utilities, extracting trench and pipe details. Extensive value engineering and scenario analysis capabilities ensure your earthwork quantities are optimised. “We are very excited to extend the speed, simplicity and accuracy of our Gradework package to paving and utility contractors through our stand-alone offerings for the first time,” says AGTEK President Matt Desmond. “This will allow more heavy construction contractors the benefit of bidding more efficiently and provide the ability to control project progress more effectively.”

Utility clash detection and trench analysis

AGTEK’s software saves significant costs and minimises issues in the field by allowing you to view pipe and trench details in 3D and detect utility conflicts between classes of pipe automatically. Model any trench configuration, analyse trench excavation and capture quantities by strata and custom-defined depth brackets to reach an unprecedented understanding of your utility project. 

Introducing Materials SA and Underground SA

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Utility clash detection and trench analysis

Ideal for specialty utility and paving contractors, Materials SA and Underground SA software unlocks the benefits of the AGTEK suite to speed up takeoff and provide value engineering capabilities to help contractors complete work faster without the need for earthwork input. 

Share data and collaborate with ease

Put your data to work and make it accessible to those who need it in an easy-to-absorb format, ensuring better decisions are made every step of the way. Visualising and interrogating all data in Google Earth back in the office will provide planners with a real-world experience of the project and its surrounding environment. In the field, export the data to AGTEK’s mobile apps to access all data on any Apple or Android device. And, if you work with third-party applications, export the quantity data via quantity reports with ease.

AGTEK Development Company – Dirt.Simple.Solutions

AGTEK, part of Hexagon, provides Dirt.Simple.Solutions for the construction industry to accurately takeoff and estimate construction quantities, model efficient construction processes and measure progress throughout the construction life cycle. 

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