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Specification Section: 2022 Concrete Products and Design Software for Buildings, Bridges and Roads

Parul Dubey on December 12, 2022 - in Concrete, Directory

This brief listing is meant to showcase products and technology used and specified by civil and structural engineers. If your company should have been included, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll add it online.


The American Concrete Institute is the premiere, global community dedicated to the best use of concrete.
Last year ACI launched ACI 318 PLUS, an entirely new annual subscription that provides users with convenient digital
interactive access to ACI CODE-318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, the
ACI Detailing Manual and the numerous design examples in the ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook.
In addition to full digital interactive access, ACI 318 PLUS also provides in-document access to related resources, robust digital note taking and enhanced search functionality. Create up to 10 unique sets of notes for sharing with other ACI 318 PLUS users, navigate content by section, chapter and/or provision, and analyze 3D graphics and related references and FAQs.
ACI 318 PLUS is continuously updated and is optimized for desktop and laptop computers. A free one year subscription is available to anyone who purchases ACI CODE-318-19 directly from ACI.
For more information on ACI 318 PLUS, visit www.concrete.org/aci318plus.


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Bentley Systems

Structural Analysis and Design: Engineers can efficiently model, analyze and design any structure, from a single foundation to an entire stadium, using Bentley’s structural applications. It’s easy to evaluate multiple design alternatives quickly and early in the design process to arrive at a high-quality and economical design, using various materials, including concrete and steel! Share structural engineering project information among modeling, analysis, design, drafting and detailing software applications with ease. Plus, it’s easier than ever to produce drawings and reports! Featured structural products: Structural WorkSuite | STAAD | RAM

To learn more about Bentley, please visit their website at www.bentley.com/structural.

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CivilGEO, Inc.

CivilGEO develops advanced engineering and environmental modeling software for civil engineers worldwide. CivilGEO’s product, GeoHECRAS, automates most of the engineering workflows required to analyze existing concrete bridge and culvert structures as well as design new roadway crossing structures. Users typically save at least 50 percent of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D and Bentley MicroStation as well as Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. A free demonstration version of GeoHECRAS is available for trial.

Sara Presta
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Contech Engineered Solutions

Contech Engineered Solutions is a leading provider of site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech is the only company that can provide bridge, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, soil stabilization and stormwater solutions on a national scale. Our product offering includes corrugated metal and plastic pipe; metal plate, concrete arch bridges and steel truss structures; hard armor and wall systems; and stormwater detention/retention, filtration and treatment systems. Our product portfolio is based on more than a century of research and practical field experience serving the highway, drainage, sewage and site-improvement markets. To contact one of Contech’s 50 offices or 300 sales and product professionals nationwide, visit www.ContechES.com or call 800-338-1122.

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Concrete Sealants, Inc.

Since ConSeal’s founding in 1970, we’ve proudly served concrete producers and end-users with a full line of top-quality products. Today, ConSeal manufactures sealants, extruded sealing tapes, primers, wraps, waterstops, coatings, mastics, hot-melts, lubricants, densifying coatings and specialty admixtures. ConSeal products are used to assemble and seal precast concrete pipes, manholes, box culverts, septic tanks, burial vaults, structures, buildings and components of all types. Additionally, ConSeal products are used with poured-in-place construction joints, concrete bridge spans and decking, roadway surfaces, and more. ConSeal manufactures products for HVAC, electrical, petroleum pipe and other applications.

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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH Company and an industry leader in infrastructure solutions, has introduced Digital Stormwater Design Tools targeted at helping engineers, specifiers, regulators, and contractors design and assess stormwater management systems in an effortless and timely manner. What makes Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Design Tools different is that it offers an entire suite of solutions, all easily accessible from one dashboard. The brand-new Design Tools technology is self-service and easy-to-use with drag-and-drop functionality, meaning users can design on their own time, at their leisure, without worrying over time zones and deadlines. The result? Documents that can be seamlessly incorporated and easily submitted for project approval.

Try it out for yourself: https://oldcastleinfrastructure.com/design-tools-overview/

Soil Retention Products

Drivable Grass, manufactured by Soil Retention, is a plantable, flexible and permeable concrete pavement system designed with an engineered polymer grid that allows flexibility and conformity to irregular ground-surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves while providing the intended structural support. This unique product, whether planted or non planted, is a solution for a variety of applications for soil stabilization. Drivable Grass is an ideal solution for erosion control protection when used in bio-swales, road shoulders, roadside swales, infiltration basins, small channels and ditches. Drivable Grass is a permanent hard armor system that provides a simple solution to linear projects.

Bill Ramsay

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Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has software and web applications designed to support our concrete products.

Anchor Designer for ACI 318 will quickly and accurately analyze an existing design or suggest anchorage solutions based upon user-defined design elements in various concrete conditions. This software has been updated to include the latest product launches from Simpson Strong-Tie, providing more anchor products to choose from.

Our Rebar Development Length Calculator web application supports the design of post-installed rebar in concrete applications by calculating the necessary tension and compression development lengths. The calculation methodology is based on ACI 318 requirements for cast-in-place reinforcing-bar development length.

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StormTrap offers proven, leading-edge solutions for managing runoff, protecting waterways and improving the use of your property. We are committed to providing cost-effective, customized water-management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities across North America and abroad. Whether you are concerned about water quality, detention, infiltration or water harvesting, StormTrap has a design that will reduce your footprint, accommodate site constraints, lower overall costs and meet your specific project needs. For further information on the complete line of StormTrap products—SingleTrap, DoubleTrap, ShallowTrap, SiteSaver, TrashTrap and PumpGuard—please visit www.stormtrap.com

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Allplan enables engineers to seamlessly integrate 3D and BIM into existing 2D workflows to generate high-quality drawings, reports and documents from one solution. 

Allplan Bridge enables bridge engineers to work with one single solution—from the creation of a parametric 4D model to structural analysis, reinforcement design and detailing.

Allplan’s innovative software maps the complete BIM process for bridge projects, essential for transparent, collaborative and cost-effective project delivery.

As a member of the OpenBIM initiative, Allplan is leading the charge to digitalize the AEC industry, support IFC standards, and enable the holistic design, construction and management of buildings, bridges and other structures.

Donnie Henry

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American Concrete Pipe Association

The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) is the spokesperson for the concrete pipe industry in all matters affecting the industry’s welfare.

Throughout the 20th century, the concrete pipe industry has experienced tremendous growth. As more and more people moved from farms to cities, it created increased demand for concrete sewer and drainage products. The introduction of the automobile and subsequent highway development extended the uses of concrete pipe storm drains and culverts. There are currently more than 400 plants operated by ACPA members in the United States and Canada. More than 40 countries are represented in the membership of the ACPA.

ACPA members contribute to the improvement of our environment by producing quality concrete pipe, engineered to provide a lasting and economical solution to drainage and pollution problems.

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Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has been recognized as one of the most significant advances in the industry over the past 20 years. CONCREFLOW, the Argos brand SCC, is a highly flowable mix that our QA team spent years developing and refining. This ultra-fluid concrete can spread into place under its own weight and can achieve significant levels of consolidation without internal or external vibration or exhibiting defects due to segregation and bleeding. These attributes help reduce labor and time requirements, leading to significant cost savings and structural quality by allowing architects to design complex and innovative structures that otherwise would have been impossible to bring to life.

Argos is one of the largest cement and ready-mix producers in the southeast United States.

Alex Forrester

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ChromX | An MMFX Innovation

As the nation’s leading producer of rebar, Commercial Metals Company offers a variety of concrete reinforcement products at a range of corrosion resistance levels. ChromX rebar provides a high-strength, corrosion-resistant concrete reinforcing line of long steel products in various grades and levels of corrosion resistance. Martensitic Microcomposite Formable Steel (MMFX) is the innovation behind all ChromX products. It is this proprietary steel microstructure, along with a patented chemical composition, that creates corrosion-resistant and high-strength properties within the bar, rather than a coating.

Designers can select the appropriate level of corrosion resistance and strength needed (available in grades 100 and 120) specifically targeted to the service life for the project. High strength and corrosion-resistant properties within the steel result in a reduction in construction costs, shortened build times, reduced congestion issues and improved safety. In addition, building codes and design guides through ACI, ICC and AASHTO, among others, are available in support of high-strength designs using ChromX products.

Salem Faza

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 Commercial Metals Company – GalvaBar

As the nation’s leading producer of rebar, Commercial Metals Company offers a variety of concrete-reinforcement products at a range of corrosion-resistance levels. This includes GalvaBar, our continuously galvanized rebar (CGR) with a pure zinc alloy coating. CGR provides the proven protection of zinc in its coating that is applied prior to fabrication and is able to be fully fabricated without specialty equipment or unique processes required. GalvaBar complies with ASTM A1094 requirements for continuous hot-dip galvanized steel bars and concrete reinforcement. It is inventoried and available from our plant in Catoosa, Okla., and can be distributed throughout CMC’s supply chain and logistics network or through your current rebar supply chain.

Mike Stroia

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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Founded in 1924, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is a technical institute and an ANSI-accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO) that stands as the authoritative resource for information related to steel-reinforced concrete construction. Among the nation’s oldest trade associations, CRSI authors many industry-trusted technical publications, standards documents, design aids, reference materials and educational opportunities to advance and standardize the reinforced concrete construction industry.

CRSI’s members represent more than 80 percent of the U.S. manufacturers, fabricators and placers of steel reinforcing bar and related products. Our professional members (architects, engineers, contractors) are involved in the research, design and construction of steel-reinforced concrete.

CRSI also has a broad Region Manager network that supports both members and industry professionals, and creates awareness among the design/construction community through outreach activities.

Dave Mounce

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CONTROLS Inc. is the American subsidiary for the CONTROLS company founded in Liscate, Italy. With more than 50 years’ industry experience, we understand construction materials testing equipment. We are the industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced testing equipment for asphalt, concrete and soil in construction and civil engineering.

Our comprehensive range of compression testing machines satisfies all EN, ASTM and other national standards. A wide selection of accessories and upgrading options makes our concrete testing solutions flexible and modular, allowing each user to expand their testing capabilities easily and as required, from basic quality control to advanced testing. Our products are complemented by a wide range of equipment for fresh and hardened concrete testing plus Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

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Cortec Corporation

Cortec Corporation is the global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI and MCI corrosion control technologies for construction and many other industries. Cortec’s MCI (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) Technology protects reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion. Often, corroding rebar in deteriorating concrete is the cause of costly repairs, financial losses, injuries and even deaths, but Cortec has the corrosion solution. MCI greatly extends the service life of new and existing structures by proactively delaying the onset of corrosion and keeping rates low after initiation. MCI products maintain structural integrity, rehabilitate vulnerable structures, and alleviate environmental concerns. They are based on amine technology (amine alcohols and amine carboxylates) and applied in many forms including as a concrete admixture or a topical treatment.

Ashraf Hasania

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Our history is rooted in concrete technology … but we do so much more. CTLGroup is an internationally recognized engineering, architecture and materials science consulting firm, providing expert technical and scientific solutions for our clients’ complex problems. We help our clients define problems, mitigate risk, understand “why” and make informed decisions that embrace technology. CTLGroup’s consultants are complemented by one of the largest, most-extensive private materials and structural laboratories in the world.

Tom Palansky, P.E.

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For more than 70 years, Curecrete has focused solely on developing products to enhance concrete floors.

Ashford Formula was the first product to densify concrete, producing a dense, hard, stable surface. Water-based, non-toxic and simple to apply, it is widely specified in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers.

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System is a combination of diamond grinding, polishing and the RetroPlate densifier. This allows for the creation of limitless designs, polished to a marble-like sheen, along with the permanent qualities of a densified concrete floor: density, strength, abrasion resistance and dustproofing.

Curecrete products can be found on concrete floors across the globe. As the originator of the concrete densification and polishing industries, Curecrete’s track record is proven and unmatched.

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Dlubal offers powerful programs for structural and dynamic analysis for multiple materials, including steel, concrete, timber, cross-laminated timber (CLT), aluminum, glass, and fabric/form-finding per the American, Canadian and other international standards.

RFEM is a nonlinear FEA program for analyzing member, plate, wall, shell and solid elements. It is one of the most highly sophisticated yet user-friendly programs, especially suitable for new users with its intuitive modeling workflow. 

Due to a wide range of interfaces, RFEM also provides seamless integration between CAD and structural-analysis programs in Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Bidirectional data exchange between RFEM and programs such as Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD are possible.

See why more than 5,000 engineering offices, construction companies and universities across the world trust in Dlubal Software. 

Amy Heilig, P.E.

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Eco Material Technologies

Eco Material Technologies is a leading producer of sustainable cement alternatives in the United States, serving more than 4,000 unique customer locations from its 100-plus sites across 45 states. It is the nation’s largest marketer and manager of fly ash, and it maintains patented technologies to convert fly ash and other cementitious materials into innovative, near-zero-carbon building products. These cement alternatives react faster, match the one-day performance of, and, after 28 days, are approximately 20-percent stronger than traditional cement, all while reducing by approximately 99 percent the CO2 emissions traditionally associated with cement production. The company also provides mission-critical utility services, including operations support, waste disposal and environmental remediation.

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Euclid Chemical

The Euclid Chemical Company, based in Cleveland, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry. For more than a century, Euclid Chemical has developed strong relationships with engineers, contractors, specifiers, owners, building materials suppliers and concrete producers by offering quality products and industry-leading technical support. Euclid Chemical provides concrete admixtures, grouts, concrete repair systems, architectural and waterproofing coatings, concrete flooring products, fiber reinforcement for concrete, and more.  TUF-STRAND SF is a patented macro-synthetic fiber used for replacement of limited structural steel in precast, slabs on ground, pavement and shotcrete applications. The FiberCalc app is a TUF-STRAND SF fiber dosage calculator available in app stores or by visiting www.tufstrand.com.

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IES – Easy Structural Software

For fast and accurate design of reinforced concrete structures, try the IES Building Suite. These tools will help you analyze and design frames, lateral systems and foundations. Engineers are more successful when they use tools they enjoy. IES structural software provides results to lift your practice to the next level. Download your free trial in two minutes. Get complete functionality, email support and video-based training during the trial! Solve your next problem in minutes, on IES.

Terry Kubat
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Lehigh Hanson

Lehigh Hanson, soon to be Heidelberg Materials, is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and is the industry leader on the path to carbon neutrality and a circular economy. In North America, we operate more than 450 locations for cement, slag, aggregates, concrete and asphalt. We offer a variety of cementitious products from our 16 cement or slag plants and 53 terminals, and are leading the way on environmentally friendly cement called EcoCemPLC. This is a Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) that is fast gaining popularity and has been widely written into standards and specifications. Work with us to find innovative solutions for the success of your next project. 

Lori Tiefenthaler

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National Precast Concrete Association

The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) represents manufacturers of industrial plant-produced precast concrete products and the suppliers of products and services for the industry. NPCA operates The Precast Show, the largest precast-specific trade show and the one place to find the industry’s most important suppliers and foremost equipment experts under one roof. It also provides members with the latest technical and industry information through precast.org, a suite of publications, educational seminars, product committees and conferences. NPCA operates the industry’s largest and most comprehensive plant certification program, which is recognized by 39 states, more than 70 municipalities and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).



NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has developed a uniquely positioned Center, NEU: An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete, with the purpose of driving research, education, awareness and global adoption of the use of carbon neutral concrete materials and technologies in the built environment. NEU envisions a concrete industry where all have access to technologies and the knowledge needed to produce and place carbon neutral concrete and concrete products. Currently, NEU is creating a peer review process to validate the claims of innovative and new materials and technologies associated with low-carbon concrete production and placement. With NEU’s pathway to validation, those in the concrete industry will be able to evaluate and choose the appropriate method for their application.

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Penetron USA

PENETRON ADMIX crystalline waterproofing and durability admixture is a non-toxic, third-generation crystalline admixture in powder form that is added to new concrete during batching. Once inside the concrete, it reduces concrete permeability by permanently self-healing microcracks, pores and capillaries, effectively protecting the concrete against water penetration and the effects of deterioration, even under high hydrostatic pressure. PENETRON ADMIX provides projects with waterproof and durable concrete that has the ability to self-heal and seal cracks that develop during the lifetime of the concrete.

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Portland Cement Association

The Portland Cement Association (PCA), founded in 1916, is the premier policy research, education and market intelligence organization serving America’s cement manufacturers. PCA members represent the majority of U.S. cement production capacity and have facilities in all 50 states. The association promotes safety, sustainability and innovation in all aspects of construction, fosters continuous improvement in cement manufacturing and distribution, and generally promotes economic growth and sound infrastructure investment.

Remi Braden

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Post-Tensioning Institute

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) is a nonprofit organization for the advancement of post-tensioned, prestressed concrete design and construction. PTI represents a community of businesses and professionals dedicated to expanding quality post-tensioning applications. PTI advocates the quality use of post-tensioning by providing education, certification, and codes and standards as well as promoting the industry and supporting research. Members of the Institute include major post-tensioning material fabricators in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as manufacturers of prestressing materials in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe; and companies supplying materials, services and equipment used in post-tensioned construction. In addition, PTI has more than 500 professional engineers, architects and contractors.

Paulina Gomez

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Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)

Founded in 1954, The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) is a technical institute for the precast concrete structures and systems industry. PCI develops, maintains and disseminates the Body of Knowledge for the design, fabrication, and construction of precast concrete structures and systems. PCI develops consensus base standards, industry handbooks, quality-assurance programs, certification, research and development projects, design manuals, continuing education, and periodical publications. PCI members include precast concrete producers, erectors, suppliers, professional engineers and architects, educators, students, and industry consultants who complement the wide range of knowledge of precast concrete. For additional information, visit pci.org/howprecastbuilds.


Pre-Con Products

Based in Southern California, Pre-Con Products is a concrete precast company that also holds a contracting license, giving us a unique ability to combine construction and manufacturing. We specialize in the manufacture of precast concrete products used for the treatment and storage of stormwater. In addition, we produce wet and dry utility vaults, manholes, reinforced concrete pipe, precast foundations, and custom precast pieces. 

James Mayer

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Build High-Performing Concrete ‘Power’ Roads and Pavements.

With the flexibility of articulating permeable pavers and the strength of hard-armored concrete slabs, GEOWEB Geocell Reinforced Concrete (GRC) creates stronger roads and pavements with less concrete cross-section—and less overall construction time and cost—resulting in 15-25-percent cost savings.

The integral 3D GEOWEB confinement structure offers additional benefits—eliminates the need for formwork and reinforcement, assures uniform concrete depth, controls pavement cracking, and helps manage surface-water runoff.

Presto Geosystems offers free project evaluations, fast and easy specification tools, and free engineering consultations. Contact us today.

Katie Bouchard

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Concrete Durability Enhancer

Developed to provide a more-durable PCCP joint, Soy Methyl Ester – Polystyrene (SME-PS, now called PoreShield) concrete durability enhancer provides long-term protection to a variety of concrete infrastructure. When applied to dry concrete, PoreShield fills the pores with a hydrophobic material that remains fluid and adjusts to changing conditions in the pore network through time. Since this protection is provided from within the pores, PoreShield is not susceptible to abrasion or weathering at the surface, providing protection for 10-plus years with a single application. PoreShield is a USDA BioPreferred product; containing no hazardous material, requiring no additional PPE, low in VOC (43.3 g/L), can be applied by anyone using common equipment, and is cleaned with soap and water.

Paul Imbrock

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Rinker Materials

Delivering proven, innovative, high-performance solutions has made Rinker Materials successful for more than 60 years. That’s why municipalities across the nation look to us for reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts designed for underground storage, stormwater conveyance and unique applications such as limited cover or deep fills. Today, through ongoing innovation and acquisitions, the depth and breadth of our product line is more comprehensive than ever. With more than 65-plus facilities nationwide, Rinker Materials combines proven product quality, engineering, design and convenience to create your customized stormwater system.



RISA has been developing leading-edge structural design and optimization software for more than 30 years. Our products are used around the world for buildings, stadiums, bridges and everything in between. For concrete floors, including beams and two-way slabs, nothing beats RISAFloor ES for ease of use and versatility. The design of columns and shear walls with RISA-3D offers total flexibility. RISAFoundation is the ultimate tool for analysis and design of a variety of different foundation types, including retaining wall, spread footings, mat slab or piles. If you need to design post-tensioned structures, both ADAPT-Builder and ADAPT-PT/RC offer industry-best design for even the most complex projects. Overall, RISA has the tools to help tackle your next concrete design challenge. To learn more about RISA, please visit risa.com/products.

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SpecChem manufactures premium concrete construction building materials for distribution throughout the United States and internationally. We manufacture a full line of liquid chemical technologies, including form release agents, paving and curing compounds, evaporation retarders, cures and hardeners, bond breakers, sealers, bonding agents, surface retarders, water and damp proofing coating, and an array of cleaning and stripping products.

Additionally, we manufacture a line of specialty epoxy products that includes adhesive bonding agents, epoxy sealers and coatings, high-strength epoxy mortars and grouts, and epoxy and polyurea control joint fillers. 

Finally, our comprehensive line of cementitious grouts, repair mortars, underlayments and overlayments, and asphalt patch round out a lineup designed to provide quality, innovation and value to distributors, specifiers and contractors.

We are members of CSI and listed in MasterSpec and BSD SpecLink.

Jay Shimmens

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Splice Sleeve North America

NMB Splice Sleeve is the pioneer of the mechanical coupler for splicing reinforcing bars that uses a cylindrical-shaped sleeve filled with a portland cement based non-shrink high early strength grout. Reinforcing bars to be spliced are inserted into the sleeve to meet approximately at the center of the sleeve. The interior of the sleeve is then filled with SS Mortar grout. No bar end preparation such as threading is necessary; just slide the bar into the sleeve and grout it to complete the connection. This process, called “Emulation,” makes the reinforcing bars continuous through the connection. NMB Splice Sleeve is ideal for precast and cast-in-place concrete construction. It is specifically designed to facilitate constructions at the jobsite and greatly reduce construction time.

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Sprayroq is a global industry leader in spray-applied resin technology for structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection of water, wastewater and other industrial infrastructure assets. With its plural-component spray technology, it is the only fast-curing structural and chemical-resistant formula that can be used for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure.

Our trenchless technology solutions extend asset life through corrosion control, abrasion resistance and structural reinforcement. For three decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure worldwide.

Our core technology, SprayWall, is a self-priming polyurethane lining that reinstates structural integrity, superior corrosion resistance, and provides infiltration control and chemical resistance. It provides the quickest return-to-service times in the industry, saving you time, energy and money. With its 50-year design protocol, SprayWall outlasts top competitor products, reporting 22-percent greater strength at the 50-year point. Contact Sprayroq today, and see the long-term solutions for yourself!

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Steelike, Inc. supplies and develops Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete, a more sustainable building material that is five times stronger, and has 10 times longer wear resistance and 100 times more corrosion resistance compared to traditional concrete. Steelike UHPC is mixable in standard ready-mix trucks, and pumpable and sprayable in Steelike’s SUPA technology to save the user time and labor costs while making construction safer and more environmentally friendly.

Steelike UHPC has been supplied for construction since 2014 and meets or exceeds UHPC performance specifications of federal and state agencies for highway infrastructure projects. It has been successfully used for bridge joints and end repairs, bridge overlays to connect precast deck panels for Accelerated Bridge Deck Replacement, and column encasements in transit tunnels. UHPC can also be used to fabricate precast structural and architectural members.

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Stone Strong Systems

What is it that makes Stone Strong the best block in precast? In a word: everything. Everyone knows we’re the biggest block in the industry. But what they may not know is that we’re the industry’s most efficient, complete retaining wall system as well. Or that our big block system is the first to be fully engineered both structurally and geotechnically. So no matter what you’re looking for—size, speed or strength—Stone Strong can meet your project requirements.

Nathan Gran

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Williams Form Engineering

Williams Form Engineering Corporation has been providing threaded steel bars and accessories for rock, soil and concrete anchors; post-tensioning systems; and concrete-forming hardware systems in the construction industry for more than 100 years.

Our rock and soil anchor product line includes our Spin-Lock mechanical rock anchors, polyester resin anchors, multiple corrosion-protection anchors, soil nails, strand anchors, Manta Ray soil anchors, Geo-Drill Hollow-Bar anchors and micropiles. For concrete anchoring, we offer Spin-Lock anchors, undercut anchors, reusable anchors and cast-in-place anchors. We also have a full line of All-Thread Rebar for tiebacks, micropiles and post-tensioning.

Steve Kamp

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Strata’s focus on innovation and technology has allowed us to become a leader in the soil reinforcement industry. Our team includes a full research and development department that works to develop products to push the boundaries of what is possible to solve even the toughest challenges.

StrataGrid is a high-performance soil reinforcement product. It is made with polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and extraordinary tensile strength. These yarns are then knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures to form the geometric grid shape that offers tensile reinforcement to the soil in both vertical and horizontal directions. StrataGrid is coated with a black saturation coating to provide further chemical and mechanical benefits that preserve its durability in any environment.

Craig Bell

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Strong Products, Inc.

Biodegradable release specialists; unique water clear form, mixer and spatter releases; all contain zero water, zero evaporative solvents, zero vegetable oils; all are environmentally/worker friendly and low VOC compliant.

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Introducing the most powerful spColumn yet, version 10.00! Featuring a pioneering interface for intuitive modeling, fast results, logical reporting, and sophisticated tools all cleverly integrated to create a simple and friendly workspace.

Create models with multiple solids and openings using our modeling tools. Examine column slenderness and stability using spColumn’s powerful slenderness module. Run and solve hundreds of columns or walls in groups with our batch-processing tool. Superimpose and compare interaction diagrams of different sections in a new simple interface. Import load data from the ETABS building analysis files using EDB or XML file formats. spColumn also allows importation from AutoCAD.

To learn more about spColumn v10.00, visit our Youtube page: StructurePoint LLC or contact us to request a demonstration.

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Vector Corrosion Services

VCS offers nondestructive testing services, corrosion engineering, corrosion monitoring, durability and service-life modeling, and cathodic protection design services for infrastructure and building assets. Our NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialists and NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Technicians are experts in sustainable solutions for durable concrete structures.

Matt Miltenberger, P.E., CP4

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Xypex Chemical Corporation

Xypex Chemical Corporation manufactures a range of concrete waterproofing and repair products used in the construction or restoration of water and sewage infrastructure, foundations, marine structures and tunnels. Our crystalline technology has been tested and proven worldwide in widely varying construction conditions.

Xypex crystalline waterproofing becomes a permanent, integral part of the structure by filling and plugging the pores, capillaries and hairline cracks in concrete with a non-soluble crystalline formation that, unlike membranes, will not lose its adhesion, puncture, tear or come apart at the seams.

Xypex crystalline waterproofing is available as a coating (for positive or negative-side application), an admixture and dry-shake material for new slab construction.

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