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Longwood, Florida Implements EnBiorganic Performance Trial to Address Odor, FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) and Capacity Demands

Parul Dubey on October 6, 2022 - in Wastewater, Water

Installation of EnBiorganic Technologies autonomous bio-augmentation technology begins in wastewater collection system served by City of Longwood Utilities Division to address ongoing odor, FOG buildup and other operational challenges.

Longwood, Florida – The City of Longwood is currently implementing a septic abandonment project to decommission existing on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS/septic tanks) and connect these properties to its centralized sewer collection system. The plan affects over 1400 homes and when complete, will increase performance demands on the existing collection system and capacity requirements at its treatment facility. Looking to stay ahead of the curve, the utility wished to see if ongoing FOG (Fats/Oils/Grease) build-up and odor issues at one of its lift stations could be more effectively and rapidly mitigated or eliminated.

EnBiorganic Technologies (EBT), innovator and provider of turn-key autonomous systems for the natural, biological treatment of wastewater in conjunction with its licensed installer, Engineered Sustainable Solutions (ESS) of Lakeland, FL was commissioned to begin a risk-free 60-day performance trial of its EBS-Di bioaugmentation technology with Longwood’s staff helping monitor the results.

The unit was installed at Lift Station #10 on Burlwood Court. This location was determined by Longwood Utilities Division and EnBiorganic’s technical team as the most favorable location to test the technology.

Longwood’s Utility team was also anxious to see if results from other performance trials that delivered increased treatment plant capacity, energy savings and sludge reduction could be replicated for their system.

“We appreciate the chance to work with Longwood. They are taking a proactive approach for their community in making needed changes and being open to implement new and sustainable solutions like the EBS-Di to improve collection system health and community impact” shares Jim Collier, President of Engineered Sustainable Solutions. Both EnBiorganic and ESS are confident that at the conclusion of the performance trial, Longwood will not only have eradicated its odor issues and reduced FOG but receive other system performance benefits and maintenance cost savings as well.

Communities in the South interested in learning more about the application of the EBS-Di technology and arranging for their own performance trial should contact EnBiorganic Authorized Service Provider, Engineered Sustainable Solutions (ESS) at 863.577.4821.  More information is available at enbiorganic.com.


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