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Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces Steel Spline Solution for Quickly and Easily Connecting Mass Timber Panels

Parul Dubey on September 29, 2022 - in News, Products
The new LDSS spline solution is an easy, off-the-shelf alternative to plywood splines that will lower installed costs, reduce worker fatigue, and boost efficiency.
Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced an all-steel, light diaphragm spline strap (LDSS) designed to replace traditional plywood splines for joining mass timber diaphragm panels.
The LDSS spline solution includes a steel spline with embossed fastener holes that help you connect mass timber panels quickly using collated Strong-Drive® WSV screws driven by a ​​PRO300SG2 Quik Drive® cordless tool modified with a unique noseclip. The embossed fastener holes increase capacity and help guide Quik Drive installation to increase speed, reduce contractor fatigue, and eliminate the bulky hoses and equipment associated with pneumatic nailers.
Unlike plywood splines, which require routing of the panel surface, the LDSS light diaphragm spline strap is placed directly on top of panels. By eliminating CNC routing, manufacturers can save significant time and cost on fabrication. Tested for in-plane shear values, this steel strap is less susceptible to damage from moisture during construction, another advantage over plywood.
“Material and labor costs continue to impact productivity and profitability across all sectors of construction, including mass timber projects, where the LDSS solution removes the need for routing and provides builders with a faster, easier way to connect mass timber panels,” says Randy Daudet, director of Global Offsite Construction at Simpson Strong-Tie. “The LDSS steel strap not only installs quickly and easily, it also attains high loads with economical fastener usage.”
Thoroughly tested and widely available, the LDSS solution allows offsite manufacturing teams and onsite mass timber contractors to produce and join panels faster and more economically, and it works seamlessly with other mass timber solutions from Simpson Strong-Tie. To learn more, visit LDSS.
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