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Yunex Traffic To Unveil Landscape Shifting Blade Controller at ITS World Congress

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2022 - in News, Products, Technology
  • Blade includes a suite of tools unavailable on other controllers including onboard edge/IoT computing, a 7” touch screen, a quad-core processor, dual power supplies, WiFi access and customizable analytics for detailed traffic assessment.
  • Yunex Traffic will also showcase an entirely new suite of solutions at the ITS World Congress, designed to provide everything agencies need manage traffic with safety, efficiency, and sustainability in mind.
  • Yunex Traffic continues to be committed to developing new, innovative, and market responsive solutions with continued investments in product development and systems engineering.


AUSTIN, Texas – Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, today announced it will unveil a revolutionary, new advanced traffic controller, Blade, at ITS World Congress 2022 in Los, Angeles, CA, September 18-22.

Blade packs more capability into a streamlined package for ATC cabinets than any other traffic controller in history.

Designed with future-proofing in mind, it has a massive quad-core processor for on-site edge computing that allows the device to store and analyze large data sets. Blade utilizes AI-based algorithms to improve traffic control and has advanced communications capability including a Wi-Fi access point. It can also receive sensor data from cameras, radar sensors, and in-ground loop detectors for real-time intersection control. With all that technology, Blade is easy to use. It comes with an adjustable 7-inch touch screen for use at the cabinet, but can be accessed just as easily from remote devices with a browser-based user interface. With customizable analytics, Zero Trust IT security, and dual power supplies, this CV-ready platform redefines what a controller can and should be.

Yunex Traffic President and Managing Director, Rodney Mathis believes Blade will change the market. “Blade is one of the most exciting ITS innovations I’ve seen in my 20+ years in this industry,” he said.

“The road to a Smart City, begins with Blade. It has massive capability, yet it’s user-friendly and intuitive to operate. As we move toward a fully connected world, it’s a potent package.”

Next-generation traffic control is here

In addition to Blade, Yunex Traffic will showcase the company’s latest advanced traffic management system (ATMS) solutions at the ITS World Congress, among them:

  • YUTRAFFIC Studio – This cloud-ready, real-time traffic control and management system for any size agency, goes way beyond basic ATMS functions. It can handle large loads of data including information from 3rd parties, and provides key insights with a highly intuitive, at-a-glance interface for quick decision making. Studio is a cost effective baseline suite of congestion fighting tools and will be available in 2023.
  • Sitraffic Concert – Concert collects traffic data from multiple sources to create a solid basis for implementing new strategies, automatically or manually. This statewide ATMS allows for the integrated monitoring and control of different traffic zones including city centers, urban freeways or entire counties.
  • Sitraffic Symphony – Symphony is the leading edge ATMS due out in 2023 and builds upon Concert. Whether on premise or in the cloud, Symphony focuses on complex urban traffic management and can be customized for multiple operators to ensure real-time congestion and incident response. It’s completely flexible and can integrate unlimited 3rd party data and apps, detection, variable signs, and environmental management. Symphony can prepare every agency for a CAV/IoT future.


The musical theme in the solutions’ names is very deliberate said Mathis. “Each solution builds on the next. Studio is the base and with our commitment to customization and customer value, Concert and Symphony layer on analytic tools to add capability including incident management and alternative route mapping. Ultimately, traffic management should be like conducting an orchestra, smooth, in control and with beautiful results.”

Yunex Traffic will showcase more groundbreaking and next-generation  solutions in Los Angeles including  Sitraffic FUSION– a new cloud-based system for intelligent and adaptive traffic control. No longer focused solely on vehicle delays and stops at an intersection, Sitraffic FUSION allows operators to look at every road user (vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, transit, etc.) and make decisions based on modal priorities across an entire network. It also operates with a higher performance rate and lower cost than other systems.

Yunex Traffic will also demonstrate the newest onboard and roadside connected vehicle units, the OBU2X and RSU2X, that were successfully tested as part of the U.S. DOT’s Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) pilot. As an outcome of the U.S. DOT test, the RSU2X, with a 1-mile effective radius, remains the only roadside unit tested and guaranteed compatible with the major automakers’ connected vehicles being released in the 2023 model year.

Yunex Traffic will present all of these solutions in detail at Booth #1003:

  • September 19, 2022, 1:00 pm: Sitraffic Symphony Demo
  • September 19, 2022, 3:00 pm: RSU2X Demo
  • September 20, 2022, 3:00 pm: Unveiling of YUTRAFFIC Blade Controller
  • September 21, 2022, 3:00 pm: Introduction of Sitraffic FUSION

To arrange for a private demonstration of any Yunex Traffic products, contact @MindyGillespie or drop by Booth #1003 at the ITS World Congress.

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