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Saving Water for a Sustainable Future: A Practical Guide

Parul Dubey on September 7, 2022 - in Water
An Introduction to Global Water Wastage

There are many aspects of daily living that have the power to impact the environment negatively. When taking into account every household, business, and service, these factors then have the power to increase environmental damage on a momentous, global scale.

Water waste is just one example of a damaging environmental factor, but it’s an extremely significant one. It’s very important for individuals, households, and businesses alike to understand the impact of water waste on the environment so that the world at large can work to a more sustainable future.

What is Water Wastage?

When talking about water waste, this can reference a few key areas. The water waste from a community of people is more commonly known as sewage. Household (or other buildings) wastewater can include the waste from toilets or from actions such as draining kitchen sinks.

Wastewater is, essentially, any water used to transport waste material from individuals and communities of people, and improperly treated or used, has the potential to pollute the environment.

Additionally, water waste is specifically using too much water. Water is a valuable natural asset, after all, and many individuals may be using more water than is needed and putting more and more demand on this natural supply.

A study conducted in 2020 revealed that a single member of a household in the UK could use up to 149 litres of water a day, on average. Consider a household of 5 people, and this number increases up to an average of 523 litres per day.

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