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Conservative Energy Network Poll Shows Broad Support for Community Solar

Parul Dubey on December 16, 2021 - in Energy, News

LANSING, MI– A new nationwide poll released by the Conservative Energy Network shows broad support across political parties for government action on clean energy development, including 86% support for community solar projects as a way to increase America’s supply of clean, domestically-produced energy. These results are consistent with polling conducted in multiple states demonstrating high favorability among conservative voters. 

“This polling makes clear that clean energy can be a winning issue for candidates across the political spectrum, and that community solar in particular, is a good way for conservative lawmakers to show their constituents they are listening while still upholding conservative values,” said Matt Hargarten, Campaign Director of the Coalition for Community Solar Access.  

Other key findings include

  • 70% of all voters favor a greater emphasis on solar power, including 59% of Republicans, and 77% of Independents
  • 84% of all voters are in favor of government action to spur clean energy development, including 67% of Republicans and 89% of Independents
  • 80% of all voters are in favor of candidates for office sharing their pro-clean energy views, including 68% of Republicans and 77% of Independents
  • 71% of all voters would vote for a candidate for office who makes their commitment to clean energy clear, including 53% of Republicans and 69% of Independents.


“Legislation in support of community solar has recently been introduced by Republicans in key swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and bipartisan legislation is currently moving in Michigan,” said Hargarten. “The time is now to expand community solar nationwide to enhance energy choice, cost-savings and grid resilience and security.”


About Coalition for Community Solar Access

The Coalition for Community Solar Access is a national Coalition of businesses and non-profits working to expand customer choice and access to solar for all American households and businesses through community solar. Our mission is to empower every American energy consumer with the option to choose local, clean, and affordable community solar. We work with customers, utilities, local stakeholders, and policymakers to develop and implement policies and best practices that ensure community solar programs provide a win, win, win for all, starting with the customer. For more information, visit https://www.communitysolaraccess.org and follow the group on Facebook

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