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Woolpert Awarded 2 Michigan Statewide Imagery Contracts, Partnering with Planet, EagleView

Parul Dubey on October 19, 2021 - in News



The three-year contracts will procure satellite and oblique imagery for multiple infrastructure applications.

LANSING, Mich. (Oct. 19, 2021) — Woolpert has been selected by the state of Michigan to provide third-party imagery, also known as satellite imagery, and oblique imagery and related services under two separate, three-year contracts. The imagery will support general infrastructure applications by agencies throughout the state, including but not limited to change detection, feature extraction, building assessment and impervious surface mapping.

For the first contract, Woolpert partnered with Planet to provide satellite imagery services and products for continuous mapping coverage. Woolpert and Planet, a leading global provider of satellite imagery and data, recently expanded their long-standing partnership to provide high-frequency satellite data and high-resolution aerial data and imagery to federal, state and local governments around the world.

Woolpert Associate and Program Director Kent Park said the vertical dataset of satellite imagery being collected for Michigan also will be used for applications like emergency response, as was needed when two dams broke last year in Midland, Mich.

“Imagery was collected the day after the Midland breaches to view the extent of the flooding,” Park said. “When this immediate imagery is compared to existing data and imagery, change detection is used to outline the precise impact of the disaster. That information can then be shared with officials, the public and most importantly with emergency responders to develop recovery strategies, allocate resources, and facilitate search and rescue efforts.”

Under the second contract, Woolpert is working with EagleView to deliver 3- to 9-inch-resolution oblique imagery, whose applications include building and tax assessments by county auditors. The firms also are utilizing software that will enable the efficient access and display of that imagery and provide horizontal and vertical measurement tools. EagleView, which has partnered with Woolpert to deliver oblique imagery for close to a decade, has been a dominant force in oblique imagery capture for almost 20 years.

“Since we are an architecture, engineering and geospatial firm, our approach to imagery and data collection is greater than the sum of its parts. We understand how that imagery is being used at all levels of government, since we work with those agencies daily in multiple AEG markets across the firm,” Park said. “The recent acquisition of firms like Data Cloud Solutions, an industry leader in CAMA solutions utilized by auditors, and our strategic partnerships with leaders like Planet and EagleView deepens that knowledge base further. We’re honored to work alongside these valued firms and to comprehensively support the great state of Michigan however we can.”

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