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WaterIQ TechnologiesTM emerges from stealth mode at WEFTEC 2021; announces three new product lines to combat harmful algae and biofilm

Parul Dubey on October 13, 2021 - in News, Products, Technology

WaterIQ Technologies’ new Sentinel AIQTM, Pulsar 3000 and 4000TM and BioPulse 1000TM products restore and safeguard water ecosystems from harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals


WEFTEC, Chicago – WaterIQ Technologies, a privately owned technology company focused on developing next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, is announcing three new product lines and the availability of four new products – Sentinel AIQ, Pulsar 3000 and 4000, and BioPulse 1000 – which will be unveiled at WEFTEC 2021 in Chicago.

Climate change, a growing population, and an overabundance of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are causing severe pollution including the formation of harmful algae blooms that are harmful for humans, animals, and other forms of life. Wastewater treatment plants, drinking water utilities, agriculture, wineries, lakes and ponds, and golf courses are all plagued by harmful algae. We’re also witnessing the formation of biofilm on surfaces that become the food source for invasive species such as Zebra Mussels which can cause excessive damage to machinery and equipment and clog pipes and valves.  In addition to the environmental and health hazards, algae also has economic consequences including falling tourism, falling property values, negative impact to the fishing industry, and higher operating costs for drinking water utilities.

To combat this, WaterIQ Technologies was formed to design and manufacture next-generation ultrasonic technology to sustainably and reliably defend water from algae and biofilm. In addition, the company uses IoT technology to report telemetry data, including the operational status of units and water health data captured from onboard sensors, and transmits this data for remote monitoring and analysis.

 Lawrence Field, CEO, WaterIQ Technologies, says: “WaterIQ Technologies believes that ultrasound is a much better solution for removing algae than using chemicals. It is safer for the environment and the people who apply it and less expensive over the long run. Algae is thriving on our planet due to warmer temperatures and the supply of nutrients found in fertilizers, detergents, and other pollutants, introduced by humankind. WaterIQ Technologies’ mission is to eliminate harmful algae and biofilm, believing that access to clean water is not only a fundamental human right but it makes the world a healthier and more beautiful place for all forms of life.”

WaterIQ Technologies is also strategically partnering with SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC, which will act as its Master Distributor. SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC is a very well-respected authority on ultrasonic solutions and has sold over 3,000 systems worldwide. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions will provide SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC with very effective and highly reliable technology in the war against algae and biofilm.

 The three product lines WaterIQ Technologies is unveiling at WEFTEC 2021, with general availability December 1, are:


  • Sentinel AIQ  – The Sentinel AIQ is WaterIQ Technologies’ flagship product. Sentinel AIQ is designed for larger bodies of water where the requirement is for an autonomous system that doesn’t require land-based power. Sentinel is a watercraft equipped with solar energy to provide electricity to all onboard systems. Every component is designed for performance and reliability over many years of use. Every Sentinel AIQ is equipped with a Pulsar 4000 ultrasonic algae remediation appliance. Sentinel AIQ represents the industry’s next-generation solar-powered ultrasonic floating algae remediation solution.


  • Pulsar family – ​​The Pulsar 3000 and 4000 use next-generation advancements in ultrasonic technology to treat algae. Both feature 360 ° coverage models, with the Pulsar 3000 covering ideally suited for clarifiers, small lakes and ponds, and golf courses. The Pulsar 4000 is ideal for larger lakes, drinking water treatment reservoirs, and wastewater treatment lagoons. The Pulsar 3000+ and Pulsar 4000+ introduce onboard IoT technology to transmit telemetry data to the cloud, including the location of the unit and its operational status. The WaterIQ Technologies’ Pulsar family represents the industry’s next-generation ultrasonic algae defense systems designed for performance and field reliability.
  • BioPulse 1000 – The BioPulse 1000 is the industry’s first purpose-built ultrasonic solution designed to prevent biofilm from forming on surfaces. The spread of biofilm in water presents significant problems, including a large population of invasive species such as Zebra Mussels. These species can cause significant problems for water treatment facilities, including clogging pipes and valves. The BioPulse 1000 is designed to address this problem by removing an essential food source, biofilm. The BioPulse 1000 can be found in Drinking Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Lakes, Ponds, and Winery wastewater treatment ponds.


WaterIQ Technologies will be present at SonicSolutions Algae Control’s booth 1520 at WEFTEC. For more information on WaterIQ Technologies and its latest products, or to become a reseller, visit the WaterIQ Technologies website: www.WaterIQTech.com


About WaterIQ Technologies:

WaterIQ Technologies is a technology company that designs solutions to defend water in drinking water treatment utilities, wastewater drinking plants, golf courses, lakes and ponds, and wineries from algae and biofilm contamination.

WaterIQ Technologies uses next-generation ultrasonic technology, designed to be highly effective and reliable, to eliminate algae and prevent its return and on-board monitoring technology to capture critical water quality data from sensors and transfer it in real-time for remote monitoring and analytics. As a result, our customers can remotely monitor water health, including the treatment of alga. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions and highly competent staff play a crucial part in an overall prescriptive solution to restore water to its natural state.

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