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Tarantino Engineering Consultants (TEC) Shifts to Fully Virtual Workplace

Parul Dubey on August 5, 2021 - in News, People

Maryland-based firm hires Bryan Starr, S.E. of Idaho to lead its design practice

FULTON, MD, August – Award-winning structural engineering firm specializing in structural design, connection design, and forensic engineering, Tarantino Engineering Consultants (TEC) announces its move to a 100% virtual corporate model, hiring Bryan Starr as Design Practice Manager to serve as the company’s first remote executive management position.

TEC created the position to provide senior leadership as the company continues to grow its business. Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Starr will lead the company’s design practice while working closely with Maryland-based President and Founder, Brian Tarantino to develop and maintain successful client relationships, and mentor the company’s totally remote workforce. While most of the country’s workforce heads back to the office post pandemic, TEC will continue to successfully embrace a virtual working model with Starr’s new role, leveraging his experience and western location to bolster a national presence that will expand the company’s footprint without a dent in the carbon footprint.

Having previously worked in a virtual management position, Starr has a successful track record coordinating remote teams and projects. “As business grew, it became critical to add senior leadership to support the company’s strategic growth, as well as enhance our employees’ experience and mentorship. Given his remote management and broad engineering experience, Bryan can immediately step in to mentor staff and provide the high level of customer service our clients are accustomed to,” commented TEC President, Brian Tarantino.

Through virtual collaboration, TEC’s entirely remote, dynamic design team creates a synergy working to achieve a common goal that is consistent with fostering long-term client relationships. When asked how TEC is so successful with their virtual model, Tarantino stated, “It takes a complete mind shift from leadership to make it happen, relearning and restructuring the pace of office routine, and banishing old thoughts of how the process works.”

While the basic physics of structural engineering hasn’t changed in centuries, this age of advanced technology combined with a global pandemic has compelled a paradigm shift in the way companies work, where video conference and virtual collaboration have revolutionized the work environment. “We’ve been successful at implementing systems that have allowed this to happen seamlessly, while simultaneously liberating our employees, providing them more opportunity for professional growth, but ensuring they are keenly aware that full support is just a click away,” added Tarantino. “Of course, for those clients who prefer an in-person meeting, we do have a physical office space to accommodate them, as well as any logistical needs.”

About Tarantino Engineering Consultants (TEC)
TEC is a structural engineering consulting firm that designs a wide range of buildings and specialty structures, provides structural steel connection design, and investigates the cause and origin of building damage and collapse due to climate, natural disaster, fire, water, and vehicle impact. Through our geographically dispersed, diverse team of experts and collaborative approach, we tackle tough design challenges and turn them into creative, tailored solutions to meet every client’s unique demands. Consistent with our corporate strategy to expand our national presence through our successful virtual model, we are always looking for ambitious, entrepreneurial professionals to join our remote team. For more information visit www.tarantinoec.com.

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