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Podcast: Bentley Transportation Software for Small Business

Parul Dubey on August 2, 2021 - in Articles, Interview, Multimedia, Podcasts, Technology

Traditionally, many have viewed Bentley software as a solution for large organizations and megaprojects.  Until now many small businesses believed that their projects were too small for the same technology and that the cost was unsustainable for their business model.  Bentley’s transportation software was developed by engineers to improve road projects both small and large and Virtuosity, a Bentley Company, has now made it accessible and affordable for small businesses.   

Whether you are looking to grow your business, qualify for DOT subcontracts, or simply improve workflows for your current workload, join this podcast to learn more.  Listen as Senior Industry Strategy Manager David Settlemyer discusses his small business background and how Bentley and Virtuosity will help your small business sustain long term stability.

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Learn more about Bentley’s Civil Engineering Software Solutions.

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