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Cityzenith: A top 10 proptech company of 2021

Parul Dubey on May 28, 2021 - in Awards, News

Winning a sixth major award this year, Cityzenith[SL1] has been named by CIOReview as one of the top 10 proptech companies in the world today.

CIOReview[SL2] serves as a trustworthy source for decision-makers tracking ongoing technology trends in industry and it credited Cityzenith’s ability to “pave the way for sustainable and eco-friendly development and maintenance of upcoming smart cities.”

Previous CIOReview award winners include Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Hewlett Packard, amongst other leaders in their own fields.

Cityzenith has already won several major industry awards[SL3] over the last 12 months, including the World Smart Cities Award for Best Innovation, Realcomm Digie Award, OpenBusinessCouncil’s Smart City Business Award and Chicago Innovation Award, while also named as a leading Digital Twin practitioner by the BBC and one of Manufacturing Technology Insights[SL4]’ top 10 Digital Twin providers.

CIOReview[SL5] credits the company’s market-leading creators as a key part of its success: “Cityzenith has incredible talent fuelling its innovation; SmartWorldOS™’s chief software architect is the creator of Google Earth, along with a number of other veteran engineers.”

The company’s SmartWorldOS™ software currently supports more than two dozen major architectural design, building/infrastructure management, and smart city initiatives throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Projects cover master plan developments, urban core regeneration projects, smart buildings, high-speed rail infrastructure, retail, corporate, healthcare, education, smart grid deployments, and even entire greenfield smart cities.

CIOReview’s article stated: “With such robust features and powerful data aggregation capabilities, Cityzenith shows great promise in smart city development and environmentally considerate construction.”

Cityzenith Chairman and Founder Michael Jansen said: “We are delighted to win this recognition from such an authoritative voice in technology insights. We will continue to innovate at Cityzenith, towards a more sustainable, healthier future for our cities and in any arena where we can apply our Digital Twin platform technology.”



About Cityzenith
Cityzenith is based in Chicago with offices in London and New Delhi. The company’s SmartWorldOS™ Digital Twin platform was created to support design, construction, and management of complex, large-scale building projects, properties, and real estate portfolios. Find out more at www.cityzenith.com 

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