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Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces WSVF Subfloor Screw with Coating Approved for Use with Fire-Retardant-Treated Lumber

Parul Dubey on November 19, 2020 - in Buildings, News, Products, Structural components

Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, today introduced the Strong-Drive® WSVF subfloor screw approved for use with fire-retardant-treated lumber. The WSVF joins the WSV family of collated screws developed for fastening subfloor sheathing using the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

Featuring a fire-retardant coating, the WSVF provides corrosion resistance for use with fire-retardant-treated wood and wood-based materials that might otherwise compromise the performance of carbon-steel fasteners.

Thousands of structures have been destroyed by wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and other states over the past five years. The WSVF provides a no-squeak, efficient subfloor connector for repair and replacement projects opting for fire-resistant subfloor materials.

Like other fasteners in the WSV line, the WSVF also features a redesigned tip and thread pattern to provide easy starts, up to 25% lower driving torque, and 20% faster overall driving. And less installation torque means less wear on tools. Additional features of the WSV line of fasteners include:

  • A deep 6-lobe recessed ribbed head provides clean countersinking and more secure bit retention for fewer cam-outs
  • The holding power of WSV screws reduces the incidence of gaps between the joist and subfloor that cause floor squeaks
  • WSV screws can be easily backed out, allowing for easy future access to floor cavities

For more information about the Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive WSVF and the entire family of collated subfloor fasteners, visit strongtie.com/wsv.


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