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Heartland Water Technology and Gruppo Pieralisi Announce Partnership for Biosolids Management in the United States

Parul Dubey on October 6, 2020 - in Corporate, News, Water

HUDSON, Mass.- Heartland Water Technology, Inc. and Gruppo Pieralisi today announced a strategic partnership focused on advanced biosolids management, including municipal sludge, livestock manures and digested solids, leveraging Pieralsi’s proven and robust direct-contact rotary drum dryer.

The cost and complexity of managing sludges and biosolids is growing. The vast majority of biosolids are disposed of at either landfills or incinerators, or they are land applied.  Due to their high water content, strong nutrient loading, odor and difficulty in handling, these outlets are reducing the amount of biosolids they able to accept. As a consequence, the cost of biosolids management is going up nationally.


Earl Jones, Heartland’s CEO comments, “Producers of biosolids today are looking to control their own destiny. They see outlets for biosolids disposal getting curtailed or cut-off and they want to take pro-active decisions to ensure they have a responsible and cost-effective solution for biosolids management now and in the decades to come.”

An Italy-based company, Pieralisi Group has been a leader in biosolids drying in Europe and Latin America for over twenty years. Together Heartland and the Pieralisi Group will bring this proven solution to customers in the US.

Pieralisi’s CEO Americas, Estela Testa says, “Requests for biosolids drying in North America are increasing and our proven technology is ideally situated for this market. In Heartland, we’ve found an ideal partner with the market reach and operational experience to deliver a market-leading solution.”

In addition to complementary product strategies, the two companies share a common history for delivering high-reliability solutions. Says Heartland’s, Ricardo Bernal, “Pieralisi’s technology is a proven, robust direct-contact dryer. It’s simple to operate, achieves market-superior availability, will last for decades, and always importantly, it’s cost effective.”

Pieralisi’s Diego Rivelli comments, “Our two companies share a common belief that customers win when we deliver simple, robust technologies in a “Safety First” environment. Together, we are excited to offer a differentiated solution throughout North America.”

Heartland’s CEO, Earl Jones comments, “At Heartland, we see waste as valuable resource. Our mission is to help the world move away from resource disposal through technology-enabled resource recovery. We’ve been doing this for years with our Heartland Concentrator™, and now with our partnership with the Pieralisi Group, we expand our ability to make an impact through biosolids resource recovery and gain a world-class partner to join us for the journey.”

About Heartland Water Technology

Heartland Water Technology, Inc. (www.heartlandtech.com) develops innovative solutions for treating the world’s most challenging wastewaters. Its proprietary direct contact wastewater evaporation solution, the Heartland Concentrator™, has a proven track record of successfully treating a wide range of industrial wastewaters. Heartland has delivered its simple, robust, reliable and cost-effective technology to industrial and municipal customers from Virginia to Alaska. The Heartland team has decades of experience utilizing thermal energy from waste heat in Heartland’s patented CoVAP™ configuration to drive down operating costs and consistently deliver the lowest life-cycle cost to treat.

Inquiries and questions about Heartland Water Technology should be sent to:
Casey Cammann, Chief Marketing Officer at [email protected].

About Gruppo Pieralisi

Pieralisi North America, Inc. (www.pieralisinorthamerica.com) The Pieralisi Group provides solutions to all technological problems of solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation, thanks to the great experience and knowledge developed over time in the most important industrial centrifuge and drum dryer markets.

Pieralisi decanters and dryers with their wide range of capacities are suitable for a wide variety of application areas, such as: Environment, Chemical area, Recycling Area, Oil-chemical area, Fuel area and Mineral lubricating oils, Animal Products Area, Food and Beverage Production Area, Dairy Production Area.

Inquiries and questions about Pieralisi North America should be sent to:
Daniel Knight, Sales Manager [email protected] 

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