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Igloo Vision integrates immersive technology with VRcollab

Parul Dubey on August 26, 2020 - in Corporate, News

26 August 2020 – Igloo Vision, the UK-based specialist in shared immersive spaces, has entered into a partnership with Singapore-based VRcollab, which will open exciting opportunities for companies to make better use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. This means that any company across the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector will be able to enhance the way it currently visualises, designs, collaborates, and engages using BIM projects. 

Igloo Vision’s powerful immersive technology is already used by a number of AEC enterprises. The Igloo Immersive Media Player integrates out-of-the-box with a wide range of industry-standard 3D design, visualisation, coordination, and planning tools. This frees models from paper plans and computer screens. Inside an Igloo immersive space, entire teams can walk around and manipulate a virtual model of their BIM projects. 

VRcollab is a tool designed to empower both BIM users and non-BIM stakeholders. VRcollab integrates with a variety of BIM software — Revit, Navisworks, Rhino3D, Archicad, Sketchup — to take the 3D data from projects and create a virtual reality model with easy, one-click exports. The 3D VR space created can then be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Crucially, projects become simple to understand and view for stakeholders unfamiliar with BIM models. 

With Igloo integrating VRcollab into its Igloo Immersive Media Player technology, it will be easier than ever for teams of engineers, designers, architects, and stakeholders to connect to visualise and engage with BIM designs. 

And as VRcollab can connect people from anywhere with an internet connection in real-time to visit the VR space, it’s possible to have a team of BIM users viewing their virtual model inside an Igloo while other users or stakeholders connect remotely from different offices, countries or continents. 

“What excites us is that VRcollab not only makes it easy to bring BIM projects into the Igloo space but that it can connect people from outside to join the virtual model,” said Colin Yellowley, Founder and Managing Director of Igloo Vision. “And that’s what Igloo immersive tech is all about, shared virtual reality for collaboration. It’s possible to get entire teams inside a model at once, and that means it’s easier to explain, it’s easier to communicate. And with VRcollab, it can add people outside the immersive space to join the virtual model. You can use VR headsets alongside your immersive space, or your immersive space alongside your headsets. It’s simple to get your BIM data VR-ready and connectable for anyone.”

“Igloo Vision brings out our vision of making BIM accessible. Igloo’s immersive technology makes coordination meeting much more interactive for all project stakeholders. It adds a whole new dimension to how we visualize BIM,” said Gong Yiwei, co-founder and CTO of VRcollab.

To enhance collaboration for your BIM workflows with Igloo Vision’s immersive technology and VRcollab, contact Igloo Vision on igloovision.com.

Igloo Vision is the immersive workspace company. Igloo designs, develops and delivers immersive 360° domes, cylinders, and all of the enabling technologies.

Stepping inside an Igloo immersive space is a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset. Any 360° or VR content can be shown. And, because entire groups of people can get inside, it’s always a shared experience. So it’s great for entertainment and experiences. It’s also perfect for collaborative teamwork, training and visualisation.

In its ten-year history, Igloo has worked on several hundred assignments for many of the world’s biggest brands. Headquartered in rural Shropshire, it also has offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Toronto. Find out more at www.igloovision.com.  

For further information, contact Pav Jhuti at [email protected] or +44(0) 7309 70852.

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