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New ASCE Publications Offers Insight for the Design Stage of Electric Transmission Structures

Parul Dubey on July 23, 2020 - in Electric Grid, Energy, News

RESTON, Va. – In this age of increasing dependency on electricity to support digital lifestyles and economic development, new transmission lines are continually being required. Public opinion has evolved from welcoming new power lines as a sign of societal progress to now having to accept their presence on the landscape as a necessity.

ASCE’s latest publication, Aesthetic Design of Electric Transmission Structures provides a greater understanding of aesthetics in the design of transmission line structures and presents thoughtful integration concepts that can positively alter resulting visual impact. Intended as a starting point to help engineers think about aesthetics, the book will also assist them in how to appropriately incorporate them within projects at the design stage.

Overhead line engineers, structural engineers, and construction managers will find this a valuable resource, providing them insight when designing and building electrical transmission structures.

To purchase online visit the ASCE Bookstore

Limited review copies are available for book reviews. Please contact Kevin Higgins, khiggins@asce.org; phone 703-295-6266.


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