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Nickel Institute Updates Technical Guides for Designers, Materials Specifiers, Architects and Engineers

Parul Dubey on April 30, 2020 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

Toronto, ON, Canada – Thirty significant technical publications originally produced by INCO and American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) have been refreshed and re-published by the Nickel Institute. Popular titles, such as AISI’s Design Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Stainless Steels and INCO’s The Corrosion Resistance of Nickel-Containing Alloys in Sulphuric Acid and Related Compounds provide relevant technical information for engineers and end-users. The digital quality of the guides has been enhanced and all publications are searchable.

“The original publications were written by experts in their field and the information they provide is very relevant today,” said Richard Matheson, the Nickel Institute’s Director, Market Development. “We are pleased to make this knowledge accessible to the next generation of designers, materials specifiers, architects and engineers. The high quality technical information is freely available to give practitioners confidence in working with nickel-containing materials and to harness their benefits in a wide range of applications.”

In addition to providing an extensive library of practical technical guides, the Nickel Institute’s team of highly experienced experts offers a free technical help service to answer technical questions from existing and potential users of nickel-containing materials for architecture, building & construction, welding, process engineering, structural engineering and other related topics.

The guides are useful additions to the bookshelves of materials engineers, architects and structural engineers. They cover the use of nickel and nickel-containing alloys in a wide range of applications and are available for free download from the Nickel Institute’s website.

Nickel Institute is the global association of leading primary nickel producers. Our mission is to promote and support the proper use of nickel in appropriate applications.

The NI grows and supports markets for new and existing nickel applications including stainless steel, and promotes sound science, risk management, and socio-economic benefit as the basis for public policy and regulation.

Through our science division NiPERA Inc., we also undertake leading-edge scientific research relevant to human health and the environment. The NI is the centre of excellence for information on nickel and nickel-containing materials and has offices in Asia, Europe and North America. www.nickelinstitute.org

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