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Study Finds CEE Countries Like Poland Offer Huge Investment Opportunities in Renewables, Solar Companies Look Set to Capitalize

Parul Dubey on December 19, 2019 - in Energy, News, Renewables

Seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe secured a ranking in the 2019 ‘CMS Infrastructure Index: Bridging Continents,’ with Poland on top of the list for investment attractiveness. One of the region’s largest investors in solar, Sun Investment Group, looks set to continue its growth.


Central and Eastern European countries figure prominently in the 2019 CMS Infrastructure Index, with the region cited as among the most attractive destinations for infrastructure investment. Poland, in particular, has performed strongly in the report, which describes Central and Eastern Europe as ‘brimming with opportunities’ in renewables. Poland’s high ranking is aided by international and local solar energy investment companies like Sun Investment Group (SIG) entering a flourishing Corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (CPPAs) market.

“The rise in the popularity of CPPAs has also reached Central and Eastern Europe – Poland is making big strides in the clean energy sector,” the report states, citing the country’s political stability, ease of doing business and new legislation that promotes auctions in small PV projects as key to its success.

Poland’s strong showing in the index is an endorsement of the government’s support for investment in sustainable assets – the traditionally coal-reliant country has tripled its solar energy capacity in 2019. “Ongoing initiatives in the country, such as the renewable auctions, are helping it make progress towards its renewable goals, Rafał Rzeszotarski, General Manager at SIG explained. “We could not expect a country to turn away from the coal industry immediately. Instead, we are noticing highly sensible efforts to diversify the Polish energy infrastructure with its initiatives to support individual PV plants construction and support similar actions.”

SIG is one of the largest investors in solar power in the CEE region and is currently constructing 600MW worth of small-scale solar power energy developments in Poland. The company’s forays into the market for individual CPPAs involve SIG providing planning, expertise, maintenance and legal support in the development of new solar power plants on the rooftops of existing corporate buildings, utilizing a previously untapped and valuable resource. 

“Opportunities for the solar power industry are currently exploding in Poland, and that directly translates into massively increased investments in photovoltaic capacity,” Andrius Terskovas, head of business development with SIG, explains. “Since we entered the Polish PV market almost two years ago, we endeavored to position ourselves as an early investor and developer of market-leading solar energy installations. Based on our data, we know that our new installations will be able to reduce Poland’s carbon footprint by 306,000 tonnes each year, and significantly contribute to helping the country towards its development of sustainable renewable energy sources.”

“We are hoping to help the development of the region towards utilizing its capacities for energy generation to the fullest.”

Poland and SIG’s increasingly impressive achievements in the diversification of the country’s energy infrastructure are being rightly recognized by international observers such as the CMS Infrastructure Index, as the trend towards green leadership and proactive government policies continues to grow. With the EU’s ‘historic’  €1 trillion Green Deal set to be formalized in a climate law in the coming months, the opportunities for investment and innovation in renewables are myriad. Dynamic, small-scale PV companies like SIG look set to have a bright future indeed.



Sun Investment Group (SIG) was founded in 2011 as an investment management and development company focused on solar energy assets within investment-grade markets. It has extensive experience in developing solar power projects across Poland and the Baltic region. Currently SIG has a track record of 43 PV projects in its portfolio, 66MW under construction and 500+under development phase in Poland. For more information, visit


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