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City of LaGrange, Ga. Celebrates Grand Opening of LaGrange Skatepark

Parul Dubey on May 24, 2019 - in News, Projects

LAGRANGE, GA- NYSE, TSX: STN: Residents of LaGrange, Ga. along with city officials celebrated the grand opening of the city’s 18,000 square-foot skatepark on Saturday. Designed by Stantec and constructed by New Line Skateparks, the newly completed facility in downtown LaGrange provides a designated place for wheeled-sports enthusiasts to hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment.

“Seeing is believing and watching the interest and use in the park since it opened in February has been nothing short of amazing,” said Leigh Threadgill, senior planner for the City of LaGrange. “It is so exciting to see the energy and enthusiasm for this premier skate plaza. This niche space appeals to a variety of user groups and draws both LaGrange residents and visitors from around the region. This project was only possible with the help of the local skateboarding community to identify a desirable location and preferred park elements. With their early vision, the talented designers and contractors were able to bring this incredible space to life.”

Local professional and semi-professional skateboarders were on hand to perform demonstrations during the event. Among them was Dan Mancina, a visually impaired professional skateboarder who tours the world helping other visually impaired athletes explore the environments around them through skateboarding. Mancina’s demonstrations during the grand opening highlighted LaGrange Skatepark’s accessibility and inclusive nature.

Partial funding for the park came from the Tony Hawk Foundation, which awarded the city a $10,000 grant to support construction. The addition to Southbend Park offers an exciting experience for spectators and enthusiasts of all wheeled sports, including skateboarders, BMX cyclists, inline skaters and scooter riders. Designed for athletes of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, the skatepark includes well-integrated plaza space, a progressive street course and an open flow bowl. The LaGrange Skatepark boasts a state-of-the-art design, built with high-quality materials that will ensure durability and longevity. Most of all, the park complements the identity of the local community through form, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

“It’s been an absolute privilege to see this project through to fruition and support the city’s vision in creating a welcoming and vibrant community destination,” said Stantec’s Jeff Rice, lead civil designer and project manager. “Seeing athletes of all ages enjoy this new facility reaffirms our commitment to serving local communities and designing public spaces that people will relish for many years to come.”

Working in collaboration with Stantec on the project was New Line Skateparks, which handled the facility’s construction.

“I really enjoyed working with Stantec, New Line Skateparks and the city of LaGrange leading the public engagement, design, and ensuring that the final constructed skatepark met the community’s vision for this project,” said Kanten Russell, design project manager for New Line Skateparks.

About Stantec

Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That’s why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind.

Stantec is a leader in the design of skate, bike and wheel-friendly parks worldwide, with a team of designers dedicated to creating functional, site-integrated and visually spectacular spaces that give a cohesive sense of place.

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About New Line Skateparks

New Line Skateparks is an internationally renowned full-service municipal skatepark design and construction team.  As industry pioneers with over 300 highly recognized projects and 18 + years of concrete skatepark development experience, we offer a signature brand of design-build expertise focused on creating integrated skatepark environments that create a meaningful connection between youth and the communities in which they live. The result is one of a kind site-built CONCRETE SKATEPARKS / URBAN PLAZAS / PUMP TRACKS that not only provide compelling world-class terrain, but CELEBRATED PUBLIC SPACES that incorporate locally inspired art and sculpture, inviting viewing/socializing areas, sustainable development principles, and strong connections to surrounding amenities.

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