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Forney LP Announces ForneyVault® – An Auditable, Unalterable, Materials Testing Management System

Parul Dubey on January 23, 2019 - in News, Products, Technology

PITTSBURGH – Forney LP, the premier supplier of construction material testing equipment, has released ForneyVault® – the most transformative innovation in materials testing in many years. 

(Quote from Jeff Dziki, CEO):

“We’re excited to tell the world how ForneyVault® positively impacts the construction process – improving laboratory testing efficacy, optimizing access to material test data, and speeding information throughput for critical decisions.”

Test labs must produce reports as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and also maintain the trust of the end user of the test data. Trust stems from an unassailable test process – has the test been conducted properly, and at the right time? How do you show that? Until now, end users could only rely on the written report – there was no opportunity for independent verification and assessment of specific test specimen data. ForneyVault® provides an auditable, unalterable record of test results: assuring end users, AND, providing critical authenticity for the test lab.

Because of the powerful, sophisticated database underlying ForneyVault®, the system lends itself to interfacing with digitized construction software – in fact, it was built for it. This speeds information to decision makers, making it as available as the nearest smart phone. And records are permanently archived according to sample and specimen GUID for swift, accurate recovery. A number of commercially available LIMS and private solutions are already utilizing ForneyVault®‘s API for ready integration into their client systems.

And in addition to supporting the efficacy of the test results, ForneyVault® substantially reduces overall lab operating costs, reducing errors, and eliminating wasted time.

To learn more about this and other fascinating technical advances at Forney contact us at 1.800.367.6397 or [email protected] or visit us at www.forneyonline.com.

About Forney LP:

Forney LP is a material testing equipment innovator and distributor based in Zelienople, PA with additional facilities in Aurora, CO. Forney focuses on material testing equipment for cementitious materials like cement, mortar, grout, and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and proppant materials for oil and gas industries, and general metals testing. Forney sells to over 75 countries worldwide.


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