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Bay Area Construction Companies Rebrand and Restructure: Form the Building Easier Construction Group

Parul Dubey on November 12, 2018 - in Corporate, News

TAMPA, Fla. – The owners of Bay Area Shell recently announced they were restructuring into three separate and unique companies to be more efficient and combine with other companies to present a “group” of companies with various construction disciplines into the newly formed group be marketed and collectively known as Building Easier Construction Group (BECG: https://buildingeasier.com/) as a way to leverage economies of scale, and more accurately reflect their core scopes of work. The other two Tampa area construction companies that will be the first to join the BECG group are: Bay Area Contractors (https://bayarea-contractors.com/) and Kimco Exteriors (http://kimcosupply.com/).

Part of the core of BECG, Bay Area Exteriors (formerly Bay Area Shell) started as a partnership of Tampa natives, Cory Frier and William Daniel in 2014. Bay Area Exteriors is highly specialized, having worked exclusively for builders, and with over two decades of experience, Bay Area Exteriors quickly added to its team of dedicated employees and contractors after securing a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and attention to customer service. Bay Area Exteriors’ respected reputation and name recognition brings gravitas and customer confidence to BECG.

Bay Area Exteriors’ siding business has also expanded to include more products and services, including pergolas, trellises, brackets/louvers, shutters and stone. The company will continue to supply Hardie and vinyl siding, foam, vinyl or resin accessories, as well as stone and decking to all builders in Central Florida.

The second company within BECG, Bay Area Contractors, is a new type of building company formed to bring purchasing power and speed to the areas’ home builders.  Bay Area Contractors specializes in new home construction for other builders and investors and offers a turnkey building operation. 

The final partner of BECG, Kimco Exteriors, is a partnership with an existing supply business that marries their supply expertise with the extensive knowledge of the full industry from the members of BECG.  Kimco is poised to become the premier siding supplier in the Tampa Bay area by offering better service and unmatched expertise.

Together, the three companies represent a multipronged approach to construction, leveraging suppliers, contractors, designers and workers from multiple constructing disciplines to approach new building contracts in a one-stop portal for engaging a variety of construction disciplines.

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand the group (or portal) into other areas while separating out the various scopes of work. From day one we said we wanted to be different, better than our competitors. We wanted to have the best people, processes and customers. We have been blessed to achieve such great growth and can’t wait for what the future holds,” said William Daniel, CEO.

About Building Easier Construction Group (BECG)
BECG is a construction group working out of the Tampa Bay area. Formed from a collaboration between highly experienced construction experts with specialties in siding, supplies and general contracting, BECG has set the stage to begin redefining client construction and contracting projects in Tampa Bay and beyond. Learn more at: www.buildingeasier.com.

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