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Tradecc Showcases 50 Years of Expertise in Construction Chemicals at World of Concrete 2019, Las Vegas

[email protected] on October 10, 2018 - in Announcement, Events

Antwerp (Belgium) – Tradecc nv will present its latest innovations in construction chemicals for waterproofing of construction joints, injection techniques and structural repair based on PU, acrylic and epoxy at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, United States. This international event is dedicated to commercial concrete and masonry construction and takes place from January 22nd till 25th 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Applicators, distributors and industry professionals can discover Tradeccs products and solutions at booth S13555, South Hall.

 Barbara De Neef, CEO Tradecc nv: “World of Concrete is one of the most important conferences as it presents the latest trends, developments and knowhow in our sector. I am delighted that we can present our in-house developed and custom-made products and solutions at this leading conference. They represent 50 years of chemical and technical development, support and expertise, and are used in major infrastructure projects around the world.“

 “Our customers confirm that the combination of our R&D department with the fact that we implement our own developments gives us a competitive advantage”, states Annelies Vandermeulen, Sales Export Manager at Tradecc nv. “That combination also allows us to introduce groundbreaking products, such as our patented multidirectional carbon fiber CFRP. This unique product, used for structural reinforcement, allows the CFRP to be anchored, unlike competitor solutions with unidirectional laminates. And because of our in-house technical expertise, our engineers ensure that all project-based calculations are optimized.”  


Some of the showcased products

  • PC® ELASTOSWELL: a hydrophilic swell strip, developed for the waterproofing of construction joints. It consists of a polymer swelling substance and will swell more than 10 times its volume. Even at a peak load of 10 bar, PC® ELASTOSWELL does not leak and keeps its shape, without splitting or cracking.
  • PC® 509 Rubber ACRYL: an elastic five-component acrylate injection liquid with CE marking and excellent toughness, elasticity and physical properties. The injection liquid is specifically developed for injecting structures in which waterproofing imposes strict requirements on the physical properties of the gel masses (fluctuating groundwater levels, settling of the concrete, expansion joints, etc.).
  • PC® Leakinject Hydrogel 6880: a CE certified, low viscous, single component, hydrophilic, MDI-based injection resin that does not need a catalyst. This waterproofing resin can be injected pure, directly into a leaking crack, fracture or joint, or it can be injected mixed with water (for example in a ratio 1/1). After injection has taken place, the PC® Leakinject Hydrogel 6880 will foam to expand and fill the void, forming a tight, impermeable polyurethane seal.
  • PC® Tunnelinject 2K 6822 range: 2-component injection resins for permanent sealing and consolidation in water-bearing levels, especially in case of high water pressure. The Tunnelinject product range was developed for application in mining, tunneling and civil engineering.
  • PC® CARBOCOMP Laminates: used to increase the bending strength and capacity of structural elements, and to decrease the deformation of a construction or internal steel tension. The carbon fibre laminates are applied for the structural reinforcement of concrete, steel, wood and masonry. They are minimum five times stronger than steel, have high acid and alkali resistance and or easy to install. With its patented technology of multidirectional CFRP, Tradecc can offer an anchored system.
  • PC® 4840 PUREA: a 2-component solvent-free polyurea spray coating with a fast curing time, often used as a seamless coating by which the product can be applied in thickness varying from 1 millimeter till several millimeters. This pure polyurea hot spray protects concrete constructions against corrosion, chemical products and weather influences. The fast application and polymerization time allows the treated surfaces to be back in service very fast, which is primordial for industrial applications.
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