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New DuraFin Finned Tubes Manufactured and Tooled Entirely in US

Parul Dubey on August 23, 2018 - in News, Products

MINERVA, Ohio  – Energy Transfer, a leading fin tube manufacturer in the United States, today announced the debut of DuraFin® tubing, a branded finned tube product made entirely in the U.S. that brings a highly differentiated standard of quality to the industry. The new branded product will be less adversely affected by tariffs as the nation eyes potential trade disputes around the globe.

“We have introduced a product line to an industry that frankly suffers from a lack of quality standards,” stated Kenny Barkan, CEO of Energy Transfer. “With DuraFin, you know you are getting an extremely durable product line with a high standard of quality that is made completely in-house. What sets Energy Transfer apart is our history, knowledge and capabilities that are not easily replaceable.”

Every piece of DuraFin technology is manufactured and tooled completely in the U.S. This approach provides greater access to parts without the lengthy delivery times of importation, typically an addition of at least four weeks production time. It also minimizes risk to the volatility of potential international trade disputes. By primarily using domestically sourced materials, Energy Transfer enjoys a more stable and secure supply chain. International resources are only tapped when domestic is not available.

“Instead of being very rigid with what’s available, we are more open and accessible in product groups and product styles,” explained Paul Barkan, vice-president of Energy Transfer. “The advantage of our in-house development is we can provide a wider variety that rivals anyone in the industry.”

The DuraFin brand includes a complete line of finned tubes, heat exchangers, and heat exchanger parts. The name Dura was chosen for its association with simple durability, a quality that applies not just to the DuraFin product line but to Energy Transfer as a company itself.

“We are passionately driven when it comes to our products,” Kenny Barkan said. “We don’t rest until each finned tube is built to the absolute highest-quality standard it can be. We are always pushing forward to deliver a superior product. The foundation of this company essentially boils down to the concepts of strength, dedication and never giving up. Every day, in everything we do, we strive to be a durable company.”

Finned tube technology is used by the HVAC, refrigeration, oil and gas, transportation, equipment manufacturing, and food industries to increase energy efficiency in heating and cooling. Through efficient thermodynamics, fin tubes provide a barrier between two fluids or gases to enable the exchange of heat, optimizing energy use through increased surface area within confined dimensions.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Energy Transfer is one of the most capable and largest fin tube suppliers in North America.


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