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The Liberty Bridge Series: Connecting Communities in Puerto Rico

Parul Dubey on August 1, 2018 - in Bridges, Transportation

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio – Created from prefabricated panels and assembled in modules, the Liberty Bridge is a proven type of structure offering profound benefits in flexibility and installation. U.S. Bridge prides itself on working with the latest engineering techniques and the most advanced materials. These advantages went a long way toward helping Puerto Rico heal following the Hurricane Maria devastation.

Benefits of the Liberty Bridge

Featuring 8-foot by 12-foot welded panels, the Liberty Bridge Series is unique in that it can be configured and installed quickly without special equipment. Made of new, domestic steel, the Liberty Bridge can be launched or set with the use of a crane. With all-bolted connections, the bridge functions without the need for pins or other proprietary parts or designs. And thanks to floor-to-truss framing connections engineered according to AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification, the model offers superior stability.

While the Liberty Series is created to serve as a high-quality, permanent structure, it’s also suitable for emergency or temporary bridging. If necessary, the structure can be easily unbolted and moved in sections to another location. Spanning up to 200 feet, the Liberty Bridge can support one or multiple lanes of traffic and comes with either checkered plate or anti-skid epoxy flooring. All of these features help make the Liberty Bridge an ideal choice for dealing with emergencies.

Helping Puerto Rico Heal

In 2017, Puerto Rico suffered a devastating natural disaster. A once-in-a-lifetime storm, Hurricane Maria featured 175-MPH winds and flooding and left all of Puerto Rico without power for weeks.

Additionally, the hurricane devastated (view infographic) the island’s infrastructure, destroying bridges in Utuado, San Lorenzo, and Juana Diaz, among other areas, leaving residents stranded and vulnerable. Within six weeks, U.S. Bridge had manufactured and installed bridges in five communities across the island. The modular bridges helped bring relief to local families, connecting them with much-needed support and services.

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Wondering if the Liberty Bridges Series are right for your needs? The Liberty Bridge Series has been load tested by the West Virginia University. Report available upon request.

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